Monday, March 16, 2015

Janis Cers

We are meeting Jancis at the Annels playground. The boy is fond of bright colours, he lively observes everything happening around him while he is sitting in his father’s lap. Jānis is 4 years and 7 months old and like any respectable boy is weighting already 13 kg. His mother says that it will soon be difficult to hold him in arms and he will have to stand himself.

Jancis loves to be with his father, the boy feels most safe in his father’s lap. His mother tells that while his father is at work, Jančuks is missing him a lot. The father lifts Jancis up, dandles him, and the boy loves this and a charming smile appears on his face.

His mother tells that Jancis was born as a healthy child, he started to learn how to eat, hold a spoon, sit, roll sideways, utter his first sounds, and then several diseases progressed suddenly at the same time – organic brain damage with cerebral atrophy, epilepsy and other diseases, which caused movement and eating problems.

Doctors forecast 1.5 years, but Jancis is already 4 years old! His parents admit that the first years were the hardest ones, because the boy did not respond to anything. Also his face was sad. But things are different now, the boy is smiling and his eyes are sparkling. His parents believe – our Jancis will walk!

The parents have achieved a lot thanks to their persistence and zeal. Several times a year the family goes to Russia, where doctors help Jančuks using different methods. In the neighbouring country, the family also visits local healers for popular methods, which give results together with medicine. While we are talking, a photographer is photographing and Jančuks is sitting quietly with his father, is listening and sits for the photographer from time to time.

His parents tell that they have money for medicines and all essential things. The main thing they need now are new orthoses, which have to be ordered in spring, because the boy is growing very quickly. The new orthoses will bent in knees and Jancis will be able to start making steps. The boy’s current orthoses teach him to stand and keep his balance, and also help his legs not to deform.

While we are talking, the mother of Jancis says: “Let’s put on Your astronaut’s suit!”. She puts orthoses on this legs and a special brace around his body, and Jancis stands on his small feet. His face shows that he is lively, proud and has a fighting spirit. His parents are pleasantly surprised that Jancis is not afraid of the camera flash, because fast flashes of light usually startle him.

We can be guardian angels of Jancis and help to collect money for his new orthoses to help the boy make his first steps! Physiotherapy and remedial gymnastic procedures are also very necessary to strengthen his muscles.

The amount required is 1600 euro.

Phone for donations: 90006888 (one call costs EUR 1.42)

THE AMOUNT STILL NECESSARY: EUR 1570 (from EUR 1600; 20.01.15*)

* We will be regularly updating the list of donators and the amount of the provided help
* We will regularly inform about the exact use of the donations

Anonīms Eur 15,00 (14.01.15.)
Vladimirs Šults Eur 15,00 (20.01.15.)
Jūlija Migunova Eur 20,00 (20.01.15.)
Tatjana Praliča Eur 25,00 (09.02.15.)
Pāvels Bortņikovs Eur 100,00 (07.04.15.)
Anonīms Eur 25,00 (10.04.15.)
Tomass Tankelsons Eur 15,00 (14.04.15.)
Larisa Sorokotjaga Eur 100,00 (01.06.15.)
Anonīms Eur 250,00 (10.08.2015.)

We thank the Annels playroom for their hospitality!

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