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Photo: Ivo Blūms

Gustavs and his girlfriend Anete welcomed us positive and smiling, as if they were staying in a resort hotel instead of a rehabilitation centre :). Gustavs says that one has to live further, looking into the future, rather than the past…

Gustavs seriously engaged in bicycle motocross or BMX already when he was 9. He had great plans in relation to BMX – going to Olympic Games; however, two years ago, during one of the trainings he experienced a heavy fall, broke neck vertebra, and seriously damaged the spinal cord, which resulted in partial paralysis of the body, affecting both arms and legs.

Gustavs tells: “A bit different life started. Rehabilitation courses in “Vaivari” and Estonia. At first, I had to recover from the injury, then – to increase the load and train to the extent possible. My arms are moving, yet a lot is still to be done, triceps muscles have to be improved to facilitate the movement in a wheelchair and a special lying-down wheelchair.”

Gustavs is intended to have a surgery with Swedish specialists to improve the functions of arms; however, there is still a long way to it; many rehabilitation courses and hard work before and after the surgery.
However, none of this scares Gustavs. This summer already, he proved that it was possible to return to the professional sport by means of hard work, only in a bit different way – by using a lying-down wheelchair. 
Gustavs is planning to receive a driver’s licence and learn to drive a car. Of course, such a vehicle costs a lot, as does all the special equipment required for people with movement disorders. For instance, a fork necessary for Gustavs to eat costs EUR 20(!).

Gustavs continues his studies at Ulbroka Secondary School. The school created a ramp especially for 
Gustavs, while the rural municipality adapted his place of residence to his needs. Gustavs expresses his gratitude for the car presented by responsive people, allowing him to drive into a car while sitting in a wheelchair. A lying-down wheelchair was purchased for the funds donated by compassionate people as well. 

Gustavs is thinking about education. At first, he wants to finish school well, and then he might think of obtaining further education.

Gustavs receives great support from his family, girlfriend Anete, friends, and BMX team!

Gustavs says: “Thanks to the support provided by friends and society, a lot has already been done, yet there is still a long road ahead. I want to return to life for real”.

Delfi TV video about Gustavs :

We can help! Gustavs needs several rehabilitation courses in Neurology Rehabilitation Centre of Haapsalu in Estonia. At least three during the next year.
Three rehabilitation courses cost EUR 6000.

Let’s help!

Donation phone: 90006888 (the price of a call is EUR 1.42)

STILL NEED HELP: EUR 5576 (from EUR 6000; 20.11.14*)
* We will be regularly updating the list of donators and the amount of the provided help
* We will definitely inform about the exact use of the donations in our next photo-report

Anonīms Eur 10,00 (21.11.14.)
Dālija Gurecka Eur 4,00 (24.11.14.)
Ksenija Garkalne Eur 20,00 (24.11.14.)
Ruslana Kārkluvalka Eur 5,00 (24.11.14.)
SIA Zemes fonds Eur 300,00 (25.11.14.)
Armīns Iesaliņš Eur 25,00 (26.11.14.)
Jānis Ikers Eur 30,00 (27.11.14.)
Anonīms EUR 10,00 (28.11.14.)
Jūlija Dāboliņa EUR 20,00 (28.11.14.)

29.08.2015.We have paid for the specialist consultation for Gustavs Mārcis in the Schon Klinik Munchen, amount 300,00 EUR

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