Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family from Brunava


Sarmīte Ļekūne is a social worker in the Brunava rural municipality. She asked us to help one of
the families she cares for. Sarmīte characterised Natālija’s family as striving to survive with all their
might; striving to overcome their present difficulties. Natālija does not fear hard work and has
renovated their apartment by herself: she saves any money that remains from their benefits and has
bought wallpaper and used furniture.

They are a family of four: mother Natālija, six year old Līga, Nauris who is 9, and four year old
Normunds. Līga is the spoilt one and also the family’s main concern. At birth doctors could not
guarantee her survival – but she has. For the first years of her life Līga was bedridden and developed
slowly; she also has coeliac disease and asthma. Her positive progress is thanks only to her mother’s
patience and initiative. Līga already talks, is independently active and plays with her brothers.

The boys are energetic and active; they have been diagnosed with a mild physical development
disorder and therefore attend Pamūšas special boarding school. Their mother is eager to spend
more time with the children and wants them to attend a mainstream school, but specialists advise
that the boys would still find it difficult to keep up with the curriculum.

While I talked with Natālija, her youngest son asked for permission to play with the gifts we had
brought: items including pens; and toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by Colgate. He kept asking
until convinced that the presents were all for them, and that nothing would be taken away.

We also took some special food for Līga, food essential for children suffering Coeliac disease.
Unfortunately it is very expensive and we could only take a small amount: her mother is not able to
afford very much of these staple foods and snacks.

We could help with:

- a regular provision of special coeliac food: approximately 30 LVL a month
- new glasses for Liga
- clothes and shoes for the children.

Let’s help!

Thanks to the angels of Family from Brunava:

Marija Rudakova - LVL 10,- (16.11.10.)
Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 5,- (29.11.10.)
Dace Klegere - LVL 30,- (30.11.10.)
Ivars Siliņš - LVL 25,- (30.11.10.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 20, - (10.12.10.)
Anonymous- LVL 20,- (13.12.10)
Pēteris Kļaviņš - LVL 15,- (15.12.10.)
Kaspars Seleckis - LVL 150,- (27.12.10.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 15, - (15.03.11.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10, - (18.04.11.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10,- (16.05.11.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 15,- (30.11.11.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10,- (02.01.12.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10,- (01.02.12.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10,- (27.03.12.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10,- (26.04.12.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10,- (28.05.12.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10,- (06.08.12.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10,- (01.10.12.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10,- (30.11.12.)
Māra Šķēle - LVL 10,- (17.12.12.)
Māra Kudeiko- LVL 15,- (24.02.13.)
Māra Kudeiko- LVL 15,- (26.03.13.)
Māra Kudeiko- LVL 15,- (30.04.13.)
Māra Kudeiko- LVL 15,- (31.05.13.)
Māra Kudeiko- LVL 15,- (25.10.13.)
Māra Kudeiko- LVL 10,- (26.11.13.)

March 2011
We have visited the family several times, before school, in Christmas. The children together with mum visited Līvu Aquapark, also activities in Bauska. We have purchased special food for Līga. We will continue the cooperation, we hope to be able to offer camps for children in summer, also other entertaining and educational events. We will help with food, clothes and other everyday life things.

December, 2012
25,92 Ls are spent- sweets, presents were purchased, travel expenses (to attend events in Rīga) to Riga were paid

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