Friday, October 1, 2010


PHOTODONATION: Andrejs Terentjevs

Yes, he is Andris and not little Andris because he has the eyes of a grownup person and not the eyes of a three-years old child. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he was born in Ilguciems prison. Perhaps it is because both he and his mother were released only a year ago but nothing much has changed since then...

About a year ago Andris and his mother moved from the prison to the house of his grandfather, close to Preili. We helped them to move. We brought some furniture, things needed for the household, clothing, food. The grandfather promised to look after grandchild and daughter but he is drinking often. Anna, the mother of Andris, was not lucky to find a job this year but the house is tidy, Andris is clad and fed. Anna is taking an English course at the unemployment office and she is planning to move to a new apartment in Aizkalne, a place in Preili county. It was given by the local social service office. Andris is not speaking yet. He speaks to us only in "dog language". We think it is because he lacks communication with other children. There is still no free place for Andris at the kindergarten. And it is obvious that the mother is not speaking to the child as often as it would be needed for a normal language development.

The new apartment that is in the photos is without furniture but it is light and fresh and the main thing - they do not have to share a room with grandfather and grand grandfather who are drinking too often.

We can choose to judge them or we can choose to give to the mother and her son, Andris, one more chance to begin a new life. We chose the later. How about you?

The furniture needed for the apartment:
  • Sofa and a bed for Andris and his mother
  • Wardrobe
  • Kitchen table
  • Chairs
  • Small table for the room
  • Carpet
  • Curtains
  • Crockery, things needed for the household – a pan, a kettle, etc.

Let as help!

You can help by calling
and donate 1 LVL

Thanks to the angels of Andris:
Anonymous LVL 30,- (13.12.2010.)
Ilva Utāne - LVL 25,- (06.10.2010.)

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