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The Week of Good Deeds 2014 is Over

October 2014

Photo: sent by people who have done good deeds

The campaign “Week of Good Deeds”, which was organised by the charity organisation Palīdzēsim.lv for the 6th year in a row, is over. The register of good deeds was supplemented by over 300 good deeds done by both large and small groups of people — classes, youth organisations, and work collectives. Smaller, daily deeds were registered last year, while bigger and more significant deeds were observed this year.

Having summarised the results, the organisers of the campaign have come to a conclusion that over 15,000 inhabitants of Latvia have participated in the Week of Good Deeds.

This year, just as in previous years, the highest activity was shown by schools and youth organisations. Over 120 schools participated in the Week of Good Deeds. The most active were schools from Ādaži, Zvejniekciems, Aizpute, Palsmane, Krāslava, Iecava, Liepāja, Ruba, Baltinava, Balvi, Daugavpils, and Piltene, as well as Kalsnava youth association.

The list of good deeds included cleaning of the territory, visiting lonely pensioners, and helping with garden works. People visited animal shelters, put schools in order, cheered seniors with songs and home-made presents, cheered up the children and staff of the Children’s Hospital, put libraries in order, donated blood, collected acorns for animals, collected waste paper, helped smaller pupils, organised creative workshops and concerts, and did a lot of other deeds! The people themselves felt the joy for their deeds, which is the very essence of the campaign — do good for others and receive mutual gratification, rather than pay.

One of the most active participants of the Week of Good Deeds — association “Kalsnava Youth” — received a gift from Palīdzēsim.lv’s cooperation partner HC Dinamo Riga — a chance to see a hockey game on October 23 in Arena Riga.

On October 19, in the end of the Week of Good Deeds, Palīdzēsim.lv and HC Dinamo Riga invited to the Game of Good Deeds in Arena Riga. During the game, visitors had a chance to see the Concert of Good Deeds with the participation of Liene Šomase, Anete Spure, Patrīcija Ksenija Cuprijanoviča, Melisa and Patrīcija Enija, CanZone band, and Milleri-Balandīni family, as well as a vocal studio Pumpuriņi. During the campaign “The Ball Rain” and a charity auction, funds were collected for the needs of Annemarija. Hockey fans donated EUR 1,003.85 in total! Moreover, over 500 children and youths from special boarding schools, SOS children’s villages, children’s homes, families subject to social risk, foster families and families with many children were able to watch the game in hockey stands of Arena Riga thanks to Dinamo Riga support.

The charity organisation Palīdzēsim.lv expresses many thanks to every inhabitant of Latvia who participated in the Week of Good Deeds, thus promoting the culture of helping in Latvia.

Good deeds do not end with the Week of Good Deeds — they continue in everyday life!

This year, we were actively supported by: LTV, national information agency “Leta”, Riga TV24, portals “Delfi”, “Multinews”, magazines “Mans Mazais”, “Ieva”, “Privātā dzīve”, Photo news agency F64, radio stations STAR FM, Capital FM, Latvijas Radio 2, Rīga Radio.

Many thanks to our supporters: HC Dinamo Riga, “Arēna Rīga”, translation company “Language Master International”, typography company “Veiters”, “Ādažu čipši”, mobile communication company “Bite”, meat processing enterprise “Nākotne”, dog food producer “Dailes” and animal food producer “Hill’s”, LLC “Greta”, LLC “Ervitex”, LLC “Augļu serviss”, LLC “Fazer Maiznīcas”, and “Vichy”.

Many thanks to all the artists who supported good deeds at Arena Riga: Liene Šomase, Anete Spure, Patrīcija Ksenija Cuprijanoviča, Melisa and Patrīcija Enija, CanZone band, and Milleri-Balandīni family, as well as a vocal studio Pumpuriņi.

See you on The Week of Good Deeds 2015!

The project is (co)funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

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