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Autumn 2014

Photo: from personal archive

We have known Romāns for two years now. The persistence of his parents in caring for their son for him to live a full-fledged life is amazing.

You can find the story about Romāns here: http://palidzesim.lv/uncategorized/romans

The parents are planning further rehabilitations; therefore, we resume our story about Romāns. Here is a letter from Romāns’ father:

“Good afternoon! We are growing and developing, and of course, we continue doing everything for our Romčiks to be a healthy child.

Over two years, we have been to Slovakia (Adeli Centers) several times, got acquainted with dolphin therapy, and visited several courses in Saint-Petersburg. Romāns is growing and is really willing to walk J. And, of course, we are doing everything possible in Latvia as well. We, the parents, are working to ensure all the possible rehabilitation. We are doing everything to ensure all the possible rehabilitation to our child, yet sometimes we fail…

Romāns is a very smiling and kind boy who has been fighting for his health all his life together with parents. We are 4 years and 4 months old now, and you can compare the photos and see how we have grown up J. As we look back at our 4-year journey, we can say that our belief in child’s recovery grows with each day. We are gradually moving in the right direction and we are asking to help us on this difficult path. We are ready to help parents with similar problems and explain the types of rehabilitation we use. The road will rise to meet the one who walks it.

Many thanks to all who have helped and will help.
Best regards,
Romāns’ parents

Rehabilitation planned for Romāns in Germany (app. EUR 8,000) and Slovakia (EUR 5,000)

Let’s help!
STILL NEED HELP: EUR 10465, 27 (from EUR 13,000; 12.11.14*)
* We will be regularly updating the list of donators and the amount of the provided help
* We will definitely inform about the exact use of the donations in our next photo-report
Anonīms EUR 25,00 (14.11.14.)
Valērija Koola EUR 30,00 (14.11.14.)
Olga Siperkovska EUR 5,00 (14.11.14.)
Anonīms EUR 20,00 (17.11.14.)
Mērķziedojumi no iepriekšējā gada: EUR 1689,73
Šults Vladimirs EUR 30,00 (21.11.14.)
Stanislavs Sinakovičs EUR 100,00 (24.11.14.)
Viktorija Strumilova EUR 50,00 (24.11.14.)
Anonīms EUR 10,00 (27.11.14.)
Armands Vimba EUR 100,00 (27.11.14.)
Anonīms EUR 5,00 (27.11.14.)
Ludmila Holodova EUR 10,00 (27.11.14.)
Hodarenoka Jeļena EUR 15,00 (01.12.14.)
Anonīms EUR 40,00 (02.12.14.)
Staņislavs Sinakovičs EUR 100,00 (02.12.14.)
Juris Lucinajovs EUR 50,00 (02.12.14.)
Tatjana Novicka EUR 50,00 (02.12.14.)
Olga Khorshid EUR 10,00 (03.12.14.)
Anonīms EUR 10,00 (04.12.14.)
Jeļena Parsuta EUR 10,00 (04.12.14.)
Nadežda Rasnaca EUR 50,00 (04.12.14.)
Julija Nagibina EUR 20,00 (08.12.14.)
Valērijs Petrovs EUR 65,00 (08.12.14.)
Nataļja Balicka EUR 15,00 (08.12.14.)
Ilona Novikova EUR 25,00 (08.12.14.)

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