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Autor: Ilze Skuja 
PHOTO DONATION: Kaspars Volonts

Agate is now almost 2 years old. She lives together with her mom and dad in Adaži. Lively, joyful and friendly – this is the girl we meet. It seems that mom’s story is nothing about the smiling girl: “Up to the age of eight months Agate was perfectly fine and alright, no disorders in the development. Once she turned eight months old, Agate got sick with an indeterminable virus; she had fever, she did not eat or drink anything. We called for the family doctor and she told us that we had an incipient virus, that we should try to subdue the fever with medicaments. We struggled for a day, but then we understood that it was going to be well. We went to Gaiļezers Children’s Hospital, but the spasms suddenly started and we were immediately transferred to Vienības gatve (BKUS). We were admitted to the intense care unit. Next day we were told that a surgery was needed, since there was brain maturation. The daughter had a surgery, but the doctors didn’t hold out much hope, they told us that she was not going to make it. As the surgeon told us: “She melts like ice. The brain grows even smaller”. 

After the surgery her condition improved a little. When we were transferred to the internal curative department, the spasms started once again. And so we “tossed and turned” from the internal curative department to the intense care unit and back. Hence, no one held out much hope and told that if she lived, she would be nothing. A month later we were discharged from the hospital. When we were once again visiting a neurologist, he was very surprised about the progress Agate was making. After the surgery she didn’t do anything, she couldn’t even hold her head – just like a piece of cloth. We regularly visited physiotherapists, went to do massage, and now she walks holding my hand”, mother proudly tells. “The progress is incredible, because all the doctors, once they saw 7-page medical history and the strong medicaments she used to take, were surprised about girl’s development. 

After all this madness everyone is surprised that Agate is living at all. Not even the smallest hope was given that she would be able to survive, let alone to crawl, to walk, to talk... After the surgery Agate couldn’t move her right side – an arm and a leg, we are now working on it. At the moment Agate does everything using her left hand. The right leg turns to the outside. Orthopaedic shoes will be needed. 

After the surgery new problems started as well – I understood that she could no longer hear. After the girl was examined at the Hearing Centre, she was diagnosed with the 5th degree of hearing loss. We started wearing hearing aids, 3 months later there were still no results. It was decided to implant a cochlear implant. 

There are miracles happening with the hearing as well. We were told that over two months the girl fulfilled year’s norm in hearing development; she can now hear even fine sounds, she hears that people are talking to her, call for her; she likes to play with things that have music in them”. Agate lives at home with her mother; father is the only earner in the family. Agate regularly does gymnastics, visits a speech therapist and takes rehabilitation courses at the Hearing Centre. However, she hasn’t got used to the hearing aid yet. Once in a while she wants to take it off. 

“Agate eats and drinks by herself, she is joyful, a troublemaker and sometimes even disobedient; she crawls as if nothing has ever happened. I feel so happy, when someone says that she has once again learned something new! I try to find out what will be the most appropriate and effective for Agate’s development. 

We have recently found out about the miracles dolphins can do. Dolphin therapy helps with posture, walking, brain development, and speech development, helps in overcoming emotional distress. Our attending doctor recommended dolphin therapy as well; therefore, we would be really happy to take Agate to the therapy to Ukraine.” 

Canistherapy and reittherapy would be also very useful for Agate’s development. The total costs of dolphin therapy (including transport), reittherapy and canistherapy are EUR 3675

Let’s help! 

Donation phone: 90006888 (fee for the call EUR 1.42) 

You can help Agate by donating money to the account of the charity organization Palīdzē 

Unified reg. No. 40008137568 

Address: Jauniela Street 21-1, Riga, LV-1050 
Postal address: Duntes Street 28-197, Riga, LV-1005 
JSC “SEB banka” 

When making a payment, please, specify the exact aim of the payment: for Agate. If you do not wish for your name to appear in the list of donators, please, specify the following in the aim of the payment: “Anonymous”. 

Palīdzē does not withhold any service fees or agent's fees for donations. 100% of all donated money goes to the intended purpose. 

You can read more about the activity of the charity organisation Palīdzē here: 

Follow the use of donations at:

The amount still needed: 1892,50 EUR (from 3675 EUR; 10.04.14.*)

Huge thanks to Agate’s angels:
Juta Jakovļeva EUR 10,- (19.03.14.)
Anonīms EUR 30,- (19.03.14.)
Daiga Roze EUR 50,- (21.03.14.)
Anonīms EUR 5,- (14.03.14.)
Aigars Rozentāls EUR 20,- (17.03.14.)
Puncule Jeļena EUR 30,- (25.03.14.)
Anonīms EUR 7,- (25.03.14.)
Anonīms EUR 10,- (25.03.14.)
Barinova Elga EUR 1,50 (25.03.14.)
Anonīms EUR 50,- (26.03.14.)
Anonīms EUR 35,- (26.03.14.)
Anonīms EUR 10,- (26.03.14.)
Vaira Šļaukstiņa EUR 25,- (26.03.14.)
Anonīms EUR 5,- (27.03.14.)
Hazens Gundars EUR 30,- (28.03.14.)
Anonīms EUR 17,- (28.03.14.)
Anonīms EUR 6,- (02.04.14.)
Anonīms EUR 6,- (07.04.14.)
Anonīms EUR 5,- (07.04.14.)
Anonīms EUR 5,- (09.04.14.)
Anonīms EUR 10,- (10.04.14.)
Andris Ozarskis EUR 10,- (17.04.14.)
Anonīms EUR 2,- (28.04.14.)
Anonīms EUR 10,- (28.04.14.)
Hodarenoka Jeļena EUR 15,- (30.04.14.)
Vindele Anna EUR 100,- (30.04.14.)
Nora Banka EUR 50,- (05.05.14.)
Salvis Lazdiņš EUR 50,- (12.05.14.)
Anonīms EUR 10,- (28.05.14.)
Anonīms EUR 20,- (04.06.14.)
Anonīms EUR 50,- (10.06.14.)
Jānis Reihmanis EUR 20,00 (07.07.14.)
Kaspars Kārkliņš EUR 10,00 (10.07.14.)
Gunita Zdanoviča EUR 5,00 (10.07.14.)
Dace Viļuma EUR 30,00 (04.08.14.)
Anonīms EUR 100,00 (13.08.14.)
Anonīms EUR 30,00 (18.08.14.)
Agnese Treilone EUR 10,00 (28.08.14.)
Tukmanis Jānis EUR 15,00 (27.10.14.)
Jūlija Romančenko EUR 100,00 (19.11.14.)
Evita Graudiņa EUR 30,00 (27.11.14.)

During the auction in the closing event of the 6th season of the hockey club Dinamo Rīga were gathered EUR 475,- (23.03.14.)

Thanks to the medical society RAL for the monthly batheries for the cochlear implant.
Thanks to SIA „Baltā Bura” for the montly support- diapers.
We have paid for the lessons of reittherapy- 300 EUR.

April, 2014

Letter from Agate’s mum

The reittherapy gave the results very early. Agate became more lively, open, smiling and started to walk more stabile, she does not crawl anymore.The ankles have become little stonger by wearing the orthopedic footware, going to the medical gymnastics, massage and reittherapy. To my mind, the reittherapy gives to Agate something like an inspiration for everything else because she has her first achievements at the speech therapist as well, for example, she can distinguish the duck and knows how to imitate the duck by saying quack- quack. She knows what a dog is and what sounds it “says”. She knows when to wave and knows how to say “bye- bye”. Her hearing skills have developed very quickly. The doctors are impressed about done because during 4 months she can hear the smallest sound, noise. The doctor said that only now she should start hearing some sounds, but she can hear almost everything, now she has to learn to understand and speak. Agate is a real prove that miracles happen… we believe in it!


Many thanks to all the contributors and supporters who help us!

We have paid for the reittherapy lessons, amount paid- EUR 340.


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