Wednesday, November 6, 2013

“The Week of Good Deeds 2013” Is Over

Author: Ilze Skuja
PHOTO DONATION: Egons Ansbergs

On October 21, the campaign “The Week of Good Deeds”, which was organized for the 5th year by the charity organization “Palīdzē” and HC “Dinamo Riga” throughout Latvia, ended. In 2012, 6,030 good deeds were summed up during “The Week of Good Deeds”; this year the number of good deeds increased up to 12,645 and each of them was done with great care and love. In total, 25,886 inhabitants of Latvia participated in “The Week of Good Deeds”! Most of the good deeds were done in a team by joining the forces of family members, friends or colleagues. Campaign organizers are particularly happy about the great activity among the youths of Latvian schools!

This year, 244 schools from different regions of Latvia, as well as many schools of Riga participated in “The Week of Good Deeds”. In Riga suburbs, the most active were the following: Ogre, Ikšķile, Ādaži, Carnikava schools, for instance, 32 classes of Ādaži Secondary School participated in doing good deeds! Whereas, in regions the most active were the following: Limbaži, Rubene, Trapene, Zante, Koknese, Nītaure, Liepna, Auleja, Palsmane, Vecpiebalga, Mežgaļi, Eleja, Straupe, Cēsis, Bauska, Skrīveri, Vabole, Rožupe, Zemgale, Staicele, Madona, Jelgava, Kārsava, Kalsnava, Dekšāres, Cesvaine, Liepāja, Ventspils, Preiļi, Laža, Ilūkste, Viļaka, Škibe, Suntaži, Vaiņode, Saldus, Viesīte, Iecava schools and many others.
A lot has been done! Smaller and bigger deeds. Cleaning-up of surroundings, visits to lonely pensioners, help with garden works. People visited animal shelters, put schools in order, cleaned buses, cheered seniors with songs and home-made presents, cheered up the children of the Children’s Hospital, put libraries in order, donated blood, collected acorns for animals, collected waste paper, helped smaller pupils, organized creative workshops and concerts, and did a lot of other deeds!

On October 21, in the end of “The Week of Good Deeds” the campaign organizers – “Palīdzē” and HC “Dinamo Riga” along with artists Martins Ruskis (Mārtiņš Ruskis) and Anita Intaite (Košā), “Pārsteigumu karuselis” and hosts of the event Jogita Pupola (Jogita Pūpola) and Kasers (Kašers) went to Zante Primary School of Kandava region – pupils of this school were named the most active participants in “The Week of Good Deeds”.

Pupils were given an opportunity of actively participating in the event themselves, as well as received a surprise from HC “Dinamo Riga” – a chance to visit HC “Dinamo Riga” game at Arena Riga.
“Dinamo Riga” not only was one of the organizers of “The Week of Good Deeds”, but also actively participated in different charity projects, since all home games of “Dinamo Riga” at Arena Riga in October were devoted to charity, and the club along with its fans and supporters did a lot of good deeds. During the game on October 9, “Dinamo Riga” organized a charity campaign – by donating 1 lat from each sold ticket for repair of the Hematology & Oncology Department of the Children’s Hospital, as a result, with the help of its fans, the club was able to transfer 6,300 lats to the account opened for reconstruction of the said department. During the game on October 11, 282 lats were collected for small Edgars’ treatment during the campaign “The Ball Rain”, whereas prior to the game on October 13, 555 lats, which will be spent on rehabilitation activities for children with movement disorders, were collected during the campaign “The Strength of Fans for Good Deeds”, within the framework of which everyone got a chance to make a donation by doing press-ups. Moreover, approximately 1,000 children and youths from special boarding-schools, SOS children’s villages, children’s homes, families subject to social risk, foster families and families with many children were able to watch these games in hockey stands of Arena Riga thanks to “Dinamo Riga” support.

Having summed up the results of the campaign, we are delighted by the fact that the aim of “The Week of Good Deeds” – to encourage inhabitants of Latvia to do good deeds not only on Christmas and during one week, but to continue that in everyday life – has been achieved.
The campaign organizers express many thanks to all those people who participated in “The Week of Good Deeds”, bringing more positive moments not only to themselves, but also to people around them!

The good deeds can be seen here:

This year, we were actively supported by: LTV, Hansa media, Riga TV24, portals “Delfi”, “Multinews”, “”, “e-klase”, “Mammām un Tētiem” and “Esi Labs”, “Inbox”, “Cālis”, magazines “Mans Mazais”, “Ieva”, “Privātā dzīve”, “Люблю”, Photo news agency F64, radio stations H2O, Capital FM, Latvijas Radio 2, Latvijas Radio 4, MIX FM.

Many thanks to our supporters: T/C “Alfa”, LLC “Avantex”, “Arēna Rīga”, advertising and design studio “MID Lab”, Janis Rozentals Riga Art High-School, Janis Rozentals School support fund, outdoor advertising company “Eiroawk”, translation company “Language Master International”, typography company “Veiters”, bakery “Mārtiņa Beķereja”, restaurant-pizzeria “Vairāk saules”, “Ādažu čipši”, mobile communication company “Bite”, company of office and stationary supplies “Officeday”, meat processing enterprise “Nākotne”, dog food producer “Dailes” and animal food producer “Hill’s”, LLC “Greta”, LLC “Ervitex”, LLC “Augļu serviss”, “Elme masser gaas”, LLC “Fazer Maiznīcas”, wood-processing enterprise “Ergoss”, “Abi 2”, shipment enterprise “G.G.P.”, “Cinamon kino”, “Vichy”, entertainment agencies “Jogitas pasākumi” and “Pārsteigumu karuselis”, charity project “Laimes ota”.

Many thanks to all the artists who supported good deeds for almost a month during different charity activities at Arena Riga, T/C “Alfa” and during the concluding event: Jogita Ppupola (Jogita Pūpola), Kasers (Kašers), Liene Somase (Liene Šomase), Anete Spure, Patricija Ksenija Cuprijanovic (Patrīcija Ksenija Cuprijanovič), children’s vocal group “Miljons”, Annemarija Moiseja, Marta Ritova, Edijs Fuksis, Martins Ruskis (Mārtiņš Ruskis), Anita Intaite and “Pārsteigumu karuselis”!

See you on The Week of Good Deeds 2014! 

The project is co-funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

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