Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Together with the Society “MAIGAIS SUNS” we visited Iecava Mothers' club

Author: Ilze Skuja
PHOTO DONATION: Andrejs Terentjevs

On March 28, together with the society “Maigais suns” we visited Iecava Mothers’ Club attended by mothers with special children.
The dogs are specifically intended for dog therapy or kanis-therapy, which treats ill children and helps them to recover and much more. The dogs perform therapy, which helps to regain balance, to relief strained muscles, to get free of thoughts and stress.
More information on dogs and kanis-therapy here.

Children were surprised a lot and happy to see and fondle these white good-lookers. Children played with dogs, petted and fondled them and even slept on the dogs using them as pillows! :)

Many thanks to the owner of the dogs Viktors and his society “Maigais suns”.

Thanks to HC “Dinamo Riga” for financial support!

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