Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Palīdzēsim.lv team participated in “Nordea Riga Marathon 2013”

Author: Ilze Skuja
PHOTO DONATION: Emīls Desjatņikovs

Charity organization “Palīdzēsim.lv” participated in “Nordea Riga Marathon” for the second time already. In 2011, Palīdzēsim.lv team set on the marathon distance together with hockey players from the hockey club Dinamo Riga, thus starting cooperation, which still successfully continues.

Just like last time, Palīdzēsim.lv team included youngsters placed under the care of the organization from the socially little-protected groups of persons, as well as members of the organization and volunteers. It was the first marathon for many members of the team, therefore, the smallest distance was selected in most of the cases – 5 km. It allowed not only checking one’s strength and athletic performance, but also learning cooperation and communication skills necessary for youngsters from groups subject to social risk.

By participating in the marathon we wanted to popularize healthy life style, as well as to prove in practice, shoulder to shoulder, that the mutual cooperation is the best way to perform social integration – to allow these youngsters to feel equal. This year we set off on a distance together with two youngsters with movement disorders – in wheelchairs, in order to prove to themselves and to others that youngsters with movement disorders are able to participate in the marathon and to be full-fledged members of the society.

We got ourselves involved in the marathon long before the run by helping the organizers. Thanks to hard-working children from Seaside Primary Boarding School, who cut more than 5,000 cloths necessary for long distance runners.

After the run we went to pizzeria “Vairāk saules”, where we were treated with delicious pizzas!

Many thanks to “Nordea Riga marathon” team and “Vairāk saules” for support!

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