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Autor: Ilze Skuja
PHOTO DONATION: Valters Poļakovs  
Eldars is 10 years old. He lives with his mother, who, as we think, does completely everything in order for her boy to be like any other child of this age - to walk, to talk, to play and to be able to go to school.
Eldars was born prematurely. Unfortunately, birth injury and premature birth rather often result in consequences and a diagnosis - Infantile Cerebral Palsy.
After the birth, at the hospital it was recommended to refuse from Eldars, he would never be healthy, he would never walk, he would never talk, hewould only lie as a “vegetable” and would stare at one point. Yet, the mother did not give up.

Over these 10 years, the mother seemed to try completely everything that could help her son livefull-fledged. But the greatest changes in Eldars’ health improvement and development of skills were observed after seeing professor J.Dukedjiev(J.Djukendžijevs). The professor has developed the method of reciprocal control and the reciprocal orthosis system for the whole human body, it defines the picture of movements during a step cycle taking into account kinematic interdependence between large joints of a human body. The method is aimed at “teaching” stem cells to respond to external signals and to fix the basics of correct movements. 

The rehabilitation device is stationary installed in the flat. On this device, Eldars works in a special reciprocal costume, which is manufactured for each patient individually taking into account his weight, height, constitution of arms, legs and the whole body. In order to install this rehabilitation complex, as well as to purchase reciprocal costumes (which have to be periodically changed taking into account that the child grows and all parameters change), Eldars’ mother received a donation both from fund and Riga City Council. Manufacture of the reciprocal costume costs approximately LVL 2,500.

The mother considers that “expensive” 3-week-long rehabilitations in Truscavets or other foreign rehabilitation centres do not help, she has to do everything by herself, she has to work at home more, then there will be a result. The mother says that it is her job to constantly work with the son.

Regular rehabilitation courses in Vaivari, visiting of physiotherapist - Eldars does everything together with his mom. Eldars also studies, even though in a special school; yet - he studies in Riga Secondary School No. 71, where there are lessons organized for such children.

Eldars has speech disorders; yet, we are able to understand what he wants to say. We were taking photos during Friday’s afternoon, when Eldarswas already tired from the school day. He reminds his mother every now and then that he is tired, but can still hold.

Eldars likes to go to see other people, he likes his two cats - Dina and Kitja. During the photo session, Eldars demonstrates how he can throw balls and play with a cat.

Since we were visiting Eldars at the beginning of December, we asked what he would like to get for his Christmas present. He answers very seriously that he wants a car, but a real one (!). And once he has it, he will know what to do with it :).

However, a special functional rehabilitation bicycle machine( is the thing that is actually necessary for Eldars to combine trainings during summer and to perform full-fledged walks in the open air.

Bicycle’s price is LVL 3,000

Eldars is helped a lot and from different sources; however, we think that the result can be seen exactly because the mother does everything so tirelessly and altruistically in order for her son to have the best!

Let us help as well! 

HELP STILL NEEDEDLVL 00,- (from LVL 3,000,- ; 22.11.13.*):
*We will be updating the names of donators and the amount of help provided every evening
*We will definitely inform about the exact use of the sum in next photo story

To our photographers 
Anonymous donator – LVL 20,- (03.02.12.)
AigarsRozentals(AigarsRozentāls) – LVL 5,- (01.03.12.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 10,- (07.03.12.)
Resources collected during the charity campaign at the private school “MAXVEL” – LVL 60,- (09.02.12.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 15,- (14.03.12.)
Dace Mateusa – LVL 10,- (15.03.12.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 20,- (19.03.12.)
JevgenijaRevo(JevgēnijaRevo) – LVL 80,- (21.03.12.)
IvarsSilins(IvarsSiliņš) – LVL 50,- (04.04.12.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 5,- (10.04.12.)
JelenaStelmaconoka(JeļenaSteļmačonoka) – LVL 10,- (11.04.12.)
AndrejsTuhmanovs – LVL 20,- (21.04.12.)
Dace Mateusa – LVL 15,- (28.04.12.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 10,- (11.05.12.)
LLC AVANTEX – LVL 1,000,- (04.07.12.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 30,- (26.10.12.)
LieneBerzina(LieneBērziņa) – LVL 5,- (05.12.12.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 30,- (22.12.12.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 200,- (02.01.13.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 10,- (14.01.13.)
Irina Bezlubcenko(Irina Bezļubčenko) – LVL 10,- (11.02.13.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 100,- (26.02.13.)

Anonymous donator – LVL 15,- (26.03.13.)
Irena Belska - LVL 10,- (15.04.13.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 100,- (18.04.13.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 10,- (23.04.13.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 50,- (29.04.13.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 35,- (10.05.13.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 100,- (23.05.13.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 10,- (31.05.13.)
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Anonymous donator – LVL 100,- (26.06.13.)
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Anonymous donator – LVL 15,- (23.09.13.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 130,- (30.09.13.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 155,- (04.10.13.)
Anonymous donator - LVL 10,- (16.10.13.)
Anonymous donator - LVL 45,- (21.10.13.)
Anonymous donator - LVL 100,- (23.10.13.)
Anonymous donator - LVL 45,- (22.11.13.)

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