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Charity campaign “Let’s warm the hearts 2012” has ended

As usually, December is active, bustling and full of different activities and cheerful events!
This year in addition to our activities in cooperation with our friends - association “Creative Association for Youth “TREPES” and Association of Youth Organizations “IMKA Latvia” with the support of T/C Origo and SJSC “Latvijas Dzelzceļš” we organized a campaign “Do something good this year!”

During the campaign we invited people of Latvia to visit our fourth photographic exhibition “Do good with Palīdzē!”, to work in our workshops of good deeds and to purchase little nice things made by children, youngsters or their parents at the charity fair.

Many thanks to our artists, volunteers, helpers and supporters for this warm-hearted campaign! Photos of the campaign can be observed here:

As usually, we invited for participation the enterprises, in which boxes for donations of presents would be installed.
Many, many thanks to the enterprises for lovely presents: JSC Grindex, KPMG, Regional Investment Bank, LLC “Baltā bura”, SEB Bank, City Development Department of the Riga Council, Janis Rozentals Riga Art Highschool, LLC “Copy Pro”, Riga Social Service, “Rose Beauty” salon.

Many thanks to the JSC “Grindex” for paying for the bus for families from Latgale to the Līvu Waterpark.

Many thanks to our cooperation partners for donation of production, due to which we were able to fill up so many gift bags:
L’oreal Latvia for make-up, hair and body care products;
Printing house “Veiters” for many colouring books;
“Ādažu Čipsi” for treats;
“Augļu serviss” for fruits;
“Egmont Latvia” for books for kids and teenagers;
LLC “Fazer maiznīca” for bread;
“Office day” for back-packs and different small gifts;
LLC “Greta” for gifts;
LLC “Baltic Pine Films” for wonderful wooden beds for dolls;
“Jāņa Rozes grāmatnīca”, “Funky Fish” and “Meta” stores for lovely gifts;
“Sala” cafe for gingerbread during the campaign “Do something good this year!”.

Just as previous years, the most desirable gift for kids was a trip to Līvu Waterpark. We visited Līvu Waterpark two days.
On the first day water attractions were enjoyed by foster families from Latgale, families from Iecava, foster family from Bauska and youngsters from Iecava SOS Youth facility.
On the second day the stay at Līvu Waterpark was enjoyed by “Palīdzē Youth Club”, foster families from Eleja, families from Jelgava, Bauska, Riga, Talsi and Brunava, and youngsters from Carnikava Special Boarding-School. 220 kids and youngsters together with parents visited Līvu Waterpark in total. Thanks to Līvu Waterpark for special prices!

Before going to enjoy water attractions, kids and youngsters met Santa Claus and each of them got a present.

Many thanks to Sanita Silina and her friends and relatives, Andreas Kiep, LLC “Avantex”, “Transports 24”, “GGP Transport”, clients of “Rose Beauty” salon abd our donators  and enterprises, which helped to make kids’ dream come true this year (link to a story, where donators can be seen: .

Thanks to Julija for gifts sent from England and to Eliin from Sweden for warm and beautiful knitwear.

Thanks to Polina Nazarova for gifts and for active participation in campaign.


Before Christmas, on December 22, hockey players of HC Dinamo Riga cheered up 12 children and youngsters under the care of Palīdzē by presenting them gifts made by the hockey players themselves.

Children and youngsters had a chance to watch the game alive, to participate in Christmas celebration of HC Dinamo Riga and to get gifts from the hockey players themselves!

PHOTO DONATION: Raimonds Volonts

Whereas on December 24, 240 children and youngsters from foster families, social care centres and orphanages had a chance to watch the game alive. Children won’t ever forget these moments!!!!

Thanks to the HC Dinamo Riga team, board and marketing girls - Laura, Sandra and Agnese!

Since the gnomes have a lot of work, and the kids are also many, most of the gifts were either sent in advance or presented at the Waterpark.

However, the gnomes wanted to present the gifts themselves and, therefore, they went to the foster families in Latgale on the New Year. As usual, Latgale families were hospitable and happy about the visit of gnomes. In each house you felt awaited as an old friend and welcomed with special care and solicitude.
Once again we have been convinced that the work done by foster families by investing in children, who are temporary placed in foster families (often children stay in these families until they reach the age of 18), helping in mastering of basic skills, socialization and communication, helping many children to solve their health problems and most importantly - love, is invaluable! Even though some of children stay in these families only temporarily, in any case, the things done by foster parents during this period are highly important for the further lives of the children! They understand that it is a true family; life perception of most of the children is being changed and other possibilities to live full life are offered. Therefore, we will try to support these fantastic families further as well!

PHOTO DONATION: Ilmars Znotins

Thanks to the Theatre of Dolls, who presented us with tickets for shows during the holidays “Rūķis, sveču lējējs”, more than 200 children visited these shows.

Thanks to children and child-minders from group No.9 of the Adazi kindergarten, who donated the money, which they earned at the St. Martin’s Day fair, to the little girl Anastasija in order for her to be able to make her dream about a photo camera come true.

Thanks to “The Body Shop Latvia” stores for jointly organized campaign “Buy red ribbon”, as well for gifts exactly for this family, and lovely reflectors created at the meeting of managers during the Week of Good Deeds.

In December we received 300 calls by our donation phone. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

133 vouchers were purchased via shopping portal Pērkam kopā.

Sincere thanks to all, all, who helped to warm kids’ and youngsters’ hearts these holidays!
We managed to cheer up 410 kids and youngsters!

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