Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The charity campaign “Let’s warm the hearts 2012!” begins

For the fourth year the charity organization “Palīdzēsim.lv” is getting ready for the Christmas campaign “Let’s warm the hearts!” in order to make the dreams of children and youngsters about happy Christmas celebration full of warmth and sweetness come true.

“Palīdzēsim.lv” is currently taking care of more than 500 children and youngsters. Children and youngsters with health problems.Children and youngsters from families subject to social risks. Children and youngsters, who are currently living in foster families. Children and youngsters from special schools (Raiskums, Zalite(Zālīte),Carnikava, etc.). These children and youngsters are different. Some children are luckier and they have careful and attentive parents, who at the moment cannot afford to buy presents to their loved ones. Some children have to search for warm-heartedness and understanding somewhere else – outside their home. Some children have health problems, which, of course, cannot be solved at once, nevertheless we can bring joy and surprise on this holiday!

Last year we managed to cheer up almost 400 children and youngsters. This year we hope that there will be more of them!

Similar to previous years, the donated resources will be spent on presents and on fulfilling the most desired children’s dream – a visit to Līvu Aquapark!

Therefore, we would be happy, if you joined us and helped to create a real celebration for children and youngsters:

* by transferring money to organization account – for the campaign “Let’s warm the hearts!”
Unified reg. No. 40008137568
Address: Jauniela 21-1, Riga, LV-1050

P.S. When making payments, please, specify the subject of the payment: for the campaign “Let’s warm the hearts”. If you do not want for your name to be included in the list of donators, please, specify the following in the subject of the payment: “Anonymous”.

* by calling charity telephone number 90006888 and donating LVL 1
All money donated in December will be spent on presents for children.

* by visiting “Christmas workshop of good deeds” and photography exhibition at TC Origo and main hall of “LatvijasDzelzceļastacija” – by purchasing one of the items handcrafted by children for a donation, or by donating money or by preparing a present.

* by placing a donation box at your enterprise

On present delivery or box installation, please, contact:
RenāteRobežniece, tel.: 22479990, e-mail: [email protected]
Ilze Skuja, tel.: 29115545, e-mail: [email protected]

Information on Christmas events and opening of Photography exhibition can be found here:......

Let the anticipation of Christmas be full of sweet and cheerful thoughts 
for You and Your loved ones!


Inga Skuja – LVL 20,- (06.12.12.)
Aivita Ešmite - LVL 15,- (10.12.12.)
Līga Meija - LVL 10,- (10.12.12.)
Nadežda Ņedospasova - LVL 28,97 (11.12.12.)
Ilva Utāne - LVL 20,- (11.12.12.)
Armīns Miķelsons - LVL 10,- (11.12.12.)
Iveta Lause - LVL 20,- (11.12.12.)
Zane Zeltiņa - LVL 10,- (12.12.12.)
Raivis Tauriņš - LVL 100,- (13.12.12.)
Inguna Podniece – LVL 10,- (14.12.12.)
Anita Gaile – LVL 50,- (14.12.12.)
Andreas Kiep – LVL 200,- (17.12.12.) – for visit to Līvu Aquapark
Andrejs Mihnovskis – LVL 15,- (17.12.12.)
Transports24 – LVL 500,- (17.12.12.)
Ansis Liepiņš – LVL 80,- (18.12.12.)
Māris Niedra – LVL 15,- (19.12.12.)
Marija Rudakova – LVL 10,- (19.12.12.)
SIA AVANTEX - LVL 750,59 (20.12.12.)
Dace Breice - LVL 15,- (21.12.12.)
Linda Zālīte - EUR 200,- (21.12.12.)
Aldis Mētriņš - LVL 10,- (22.12.12.)
Sofija Ārmane - LVL 100,- (24.12.12.)
Jogas studijas "Rose Beauty" klienti - LVL 40,- (22.12.12.)
Sanita Siliņa & viņas radi un draugi - LVL 350,- (24.12.12.)
Lidija Černova, Polina Nazarova - LVL 40,- (27.12.12.)
"Pērkam kopā!" collected money - LVL 126,35 (30.12.12.)
By charity telephone collected money - LVL 300,- (31.12.12.)
Diana Zukule - LVL 25,- (02.01.13.)
Ltd G.G.P. - LVL 100,- (02.01.13.)

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