Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Event in Carnikava Special Boarding-School

Author: Ilze Skuja

The children and youngsters from Carnikava Special Boarding-School have taken animportant place in our hearts and everyday work. We endeavour to involve youngsters in activities of the “Palīdzē Youth Club” providing children and youngsters with a possibility to attend hockey games, theatrical performances and other activities.

As the holiday approaches, we are happy for the invitation to attend Christmas event of the school. Children and youngsters delighted the parents, teachers and school guests with their performances. Songs, modern dances and personally put play delighted our hearts as well.

As the event ended, the most hard-working ones received diplomas from the school for active work and good marks.

Thanks to the support of our cooperation partners, we were also able to delight the children with colouring books presented by the printing house “Veiters” and delicacies of “Latfood”.

Youngsters brought us great joy as well - by presenting a pillow made by them and expressing kind words!

Thank you, dearest ones!

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