Sunday, October 28, 2012

Conclude the Week of Good Deeds 2012

PHOTO DONATION: Аndrejs Terentjevs
On October 27, the promo organizers – „Palīdzē” and „LDE group” – held a promo concluding event at the Adazi (Ādaži) ordnance yard, gathering together 83 children and youngsters of different groups subject to social risk.
Relays, sporting tasks, team games and sumptuous picnic were organized as the first snow came for the joy of the children.
The snow, which lasted for the whole dayat the Adazi ordnance yard, made the event even better and allowed the children to enjoy their first snowball fight, moreover, because of the snow,tasks and relays became even more interesting.
At the end of the event fireworks fired into the air unexpectedly to anyone! Surprises did not end there: motocross guys made a stand and took the small kids for a ride and Husky dog cart came to cheer up the kids,whereas „Voyager club” took care of the music throughout the event.
The eyes of every kid and youngster were full of joy for the cheerfully, athletically and interestingly spent day!

Thanks for the support of concluding event to:
LLC „Nākotne”, restaurant – pizzeria „Vairāksaules”, „MārtiņaBeķereja”, „Augļuserviss”, LLC „Fazer Latvija”, Ādažučipši, LLC „RīgasRēvija”, LLC„Greta”, as well as toHCDinamo Rigafans and Bikramyoga studio visitors.

Taking a lookat what has been done during the week, we gladly conclude that the idea of the Week of Good Deeds has become an active inspirer of good deeds for the residents of Latvia across the whole country! The deeds are still being recorded; we have received information about 6609 good deeds so far! We are proud to say that people, particularly pupils and students, of Kuldiga (Kuldīga), Skrunda, Valmiera, Cesis (Cēsis), Daugavpils, Iecava, Liepaja (Liepāja), Preili (Preiļi), Limbazi (Limbaži), Gulbene, Aizpute, Valka district and Riga have been united by the good deeds, helping lonely elderly people, arranging the surroundings or forgotten mounds, visiting animal sanctuaries, cheering up residents of old people’s homes or small children, cheering up elder colleagues, or simply doing small, yet important deeds kindly and nicely.  

We are gratified by the novelty of this year as well – the Wall of Good Deeds, which was available all week long in the main building of TC “Origo” and “Latvijas Dzelzceļš”, where everyone was able to share his or her good deed, to change negative mood into positive one. It is a pity, of course, that there were people, who used the Wall of Good Deeds to leave their autograph or to write down some “clever idea”:) Thanks to all those good deed doers, who understood what had to be written on the wall!
Many thanks to Janis Rozentals (Janis Rozentāls) Riga Art High-School teacher Laura and students, particularly – Lote and Zile (Zīle), for creating the wall! In our opinion, the promo turned out to be successful and has reached its aim – a lot has been helped and done!

We still invite you to send your good deeds to the e-mail: [email protected] or to place them on the web-site:, where you can read about the other submitted good deeds.

By organizing the Week of Good Deeds we invite to do good deeds not only during one week, but its deeper aim is to encourage understanding that it is not difficult, but rather pleasant to do good deeds to other people!
To encourage Latvian society to do good all the time, not waiting for the Christmasor the Week of Good Deeds!

Once again thanks to all the supporters of the Week of Good Deeds: 

Informative supporters: LTV and LTV programs „Labrīt Latvija”, „100 g kultūras”, „Panorāma”, „SeMS”, Hansa media, TV24, web-sites „”, „Delfi”, „e-klase”, „Mammām un Tētiem” and „Esi Labs”, magazines „Mans Mazais”, „Ieva”, „Privātādzīve”, „Люблю”, newspaper „Суббота”, Photo News Agency f64

Many thanks to our friends: HC “DinamoRīga”, LLC “Avantex”, “ArēnaRīga”, advertising and design studio „MID Lab”, Janis Rozentals Riga Art High-School, Janis Rozentals School support fund, outdoor advertising company „Eiroawk”, translation company „Language Master International”, typography company „Veiters”, association „Trepes”, bakery „MārtiņaBeķereja”, restaurant-pizzeria „Vairāksaules”, “Ādažučipši”, mobile communication company „Bite”, company of office and stationary supplies „Officeday”, meat processing enterprise „Nākotne”, dog food producer „Dailes” and animal food producer „Hill’s”, LLC „Greta”, “T bode”, “Augļuserviss”, “Elmemassergaas”, LLC ”Rīgasrēvija”, LLC „Fazer Latvija”, „Voyager club”, BikramYoga Studio, “L’oreal”, National Armed Forces, T/C Origo, SJSC „Latvijasdzelzceļš”, graphical design and website development company “Dizainabrīvzona”, wood-processing enterprise „Ergoss”, LLC“Papyrus”, creative workshop-gallery “Lolitasskapis”, shipment enterprise „G.G.P.”, paint and construction material trade company „Tex-Color”.

See you next year, on the fifth Week of Good Deeds!

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