Friday, September 28, 2012

The Week of Good Deeds 2012 is approaching!

Between October 22 and 28 for the fourth year The Week of Good Deeds will take place throughout Latvia. During this week everyone is invited to help someone and to promote a culture of helping others through the country.

Charity foundation “Palīdzē” and company “LDE group” are organizers behind this campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to popularize and expand growing trend in goodwill, to promote community spirit and mutual support among people. Thus we hope to increase positive experiences for all involved and secure this project as an annual event.

The organizers would like to draw attention to the fact that helping others does not require spending a lot of money, only a desire to help–to tidy up the yard or to performautumncleanups in the surrounding areas, to help retired neighbors to load firewood in their woodsheds or bring groceries from a store, to take a dog living in an animal shelter for a walk, to say a good word to a neighbor, to smile at somebody.

2012 is the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. Therefore, we especially invite you to support retired and lonely elderly people to whom being together orgiving a helping hand in household is of great value.

Charity foundation „Palīdzē” and company „LDE group” invite enterprises, municipality authorities, non-governmental organizations, schools, families and friends to participatein The Week of Good Deeds and by setting a good example encourage others to do good work as well. Everyone can draw inspiration from examples of previous years:
The children from LazaSpecial Boarding-school (Lažas speciālā internātpamatskola) helped several elderly woman in gardening: ”On the list were different jobs to be done – one woman needed help with gathering fallen leaves, digging up the planting bed, picking up the apples for winter, another was in need to bring the firewood, dig up the planting bed for strawberries.”.
Sanita: I brought groceries from the store for my neighbor… and it brightened up my day!
Anna: Together with my family I visited animal shelter. Fun day for both grownups and kids!
Inga: This morning while driving to work, I let a pedestrian cross the street. I was happy to see a smile on his face and from his lips I could read: Thank you!
Anete: I helped an elderly woman in a tram to validate her E-Ticket!
Aleksandrs: I took a wounded puppy from the street and brought it to a veterinary clinic.
In Riga85th Secondary School every day of The Week of Good Deeds was special:  Hug Day, Kiss Day (every kiss cost 5 santims, all income was donated to animal shelter),Well Wishes and Sweet Words Day, Compliment Day. 
Latvian Television team traveled to Riga municipality Children and Youth Centre“Ziemeli” (“Ziemeļi”) in Mezaparks (Mežaparks), where together with children they worked and took part in different entertaining activities.

And there were a lot of good works like these…. You see how easy it is to do good!

Similar to previous years, we also invite you to tell others about accomplished good works using the Good Deeds List in (will be available from October 22nd) or send in your story together with photographs in which the moment of good deeds are displayed via E-mail: [email protected]

By working together we can do more good!

More information:

Ilze Skuja
Palīdzē director
Mobile:+371 29 11 55 45
E-mail: [email protected]

Renate Robezniece (Renāte Robežniece)
Palīdzē project manager
Mobile: +371 22 47 99 90
E-mail: [email protected]

About last years The Week of Good Deeds you can read here:

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