Friday, September 28, 2012

Summer academy in Koknese

PHOTO DONATION: Anne Reinbooma
This summer 20 young people in the care of participated in a summer academy where they gained new experience, knowledge and strengthened the ties of friendship.

This year thanks to the hospitality of owners of Daugavas radzes the academy was held nearby Koknese on the picturesque banks of the Daugava River.

It involved plenty of discussions on cooperation, teamwork, support, importance of education and values such as friendship, love, family, and respect. Various activities were organized to strengthen these values and creative classes and discussions were held on a daily basis. Participants learned to fit in and work in a team starting with a psychological training and continuing with household duties – cooking breakfast, serving a table etc. They learned to cooperate, set a common goal for the team and distribute tasks, trust their team members and feel as an important link in the team chain, take the leadership role in the team.

Psychologist Marija Abeltina (Marija Ābeltiņa) paid a visit to the academy. All day long participants performed various tasks aimed at strengthening the team and mediated problem solving.

One of the days at the academy started as early as 5.00am when we went to join Putnu fonds (Bird Foundation) and watch birds, recognize their voices and learn numerous new things about life of birds, wintering, feeding and other valuable information about them.

In the afternoon we did a good deed by going to the Garden of Destiny (Likteņdārzs) where participants engaged in cleaning up which made them twice as happy and satisfied with the contribution to the creation of the garden so important to Latvia!

On the next day we went to Persejas (Pērsejas) where we engaged in joint work and were rewarded by an opportunity to participate in Mission Koknese – an exciting educational event: search for control points on the map using photo collages in which places of importance to Koknese were marked thus learning about the history and landmarks in an innovative manner. The winners were awarded a motorboat ride to the academy venue and all participants could enjoy water amusements. Many thanks to the owners of Persejas and captain Janis (Jānis).:)

We also visited Inese Kapina’s (Inese Kāpiņa) craftwork, recreation and education centre Maza kapa (Mazā kāpa) where participants of the academy could learn about the leather trade master’s trade and make their own token bracelet.

On the last day Lolita Simane (Lolita Sīmane), miracle master and owner of the creative workshop – gallery Lolitas skapis, paid us a visit. Participants made phone pouches, broaches and beads from felt which afterwards were sold at charity fairs thus giving other kids a chance to go to an event or improve their health.

Five days at the academy went by as one – a great deal of laughter, creativity, friendship, new knowledge, and impressions. Participants also took care of devilry which is a good lesson to these youngsters and another kind of experience for conductors:).

Many thanks to everyone who supported this academy: 

Owners of Daugavas Radzes – Solvita, Aivars, and Francis.

Owners of Persejas – Ita and Juris Lejini (Lejiņi).

Ragalu krogs (Ragāļu krogs) and particularly Agita for tasty meals.

Bikram Yoga Studio and particularly Emmy Cleaves for the money donated at charity classes.

Thank you to all contributors and particularly Avantex Ltd., Marija and her club from Sweden.

Arkolat, Office day Ltd. for creative workshop materials.

Anne for photos and time spent together.

Auglu serviss (Augļu serviss) for fruit and vegetables.

AstaPro Ltd. for paper hygiene supplies.

Greta Ltd. for disposable plates and paper napkins and towels.

Meat processing company Nakotne (Nākotne) for tasty bonfire night sausages.

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