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PHOTO DONATION: Ēriks Meinarts
   Each child, whom we meet, has its own story. This time the story is about two-year old Romāns and his parents who fight for his life. The story touched us deeply.
   It was Roman’s father who contacted us. He carries his child in his hands in literal and figurative sense of the word. The self-sacrifice to the child is so obvious and unselfish, the parents do everything that is possible and impossible to improve, relieve the child’s life and reach the slightest progress. You think that all parents do it? No, unfortunately our experience evidences the contrary, not all parents act like this… but the story is about Romāns…
   Romāns was born in a loving family two years ago. Unfortunately, not everything went like it was expected.
   Something went wrong during labour, a nerve was blocked, and Romāns could not breathe when he was born, he was unable to take the first breath. Four days, he breathed through a breathing machine. If other children could breathe themselves for 75%, then Romāns – only 25%.Thus the activity of his brain was traumatized. During his first month of life, Romāns could not eat, he was fed through a probe. Only after the first month he learned to eat independently first 5 to 10 grams per meal. He also experienced sleep disorders; he slept only 1-2 hours and then was awake for several hours.
   The parents started to look for ways how to help their son. After the first osteopath’svisit,Romānsslept for 10 hours! It was such a progress! During three months the situation was stable, Romāns slept well, and his muscle tone reduced, but the mandatory vaccination caused regress.
   Everything was started again: a neurologist, a physiotherapist, an osteopath. The dad said it was work, work and work again…
   The family pays for all these procedures. They have been to 3 rehabilitation courses in Ukraine. Now the situation is so stable that Romāns can sit being supported, he reacts – shows his anger and smiles:), although he cannot hold his neck like an infant.
   The parents work in shifts to earn for living and procedures necessary for their son. It is almost impossible to find a nurse for such a child. The nurse needs a specific education, and the monthly salary is about 300-400 LVL.
   Romāns parents are really strong, they are powerful enough to endure and fight for the life and development of their son. Their willpower and persistence are so huge to go through all rehabilitation, exercise and massage procedures.
   Roman’s father says that it is very difficult to ask for help, but he would not do it, if they could help their boy themselves. They have to ask for support from the state and from all of us, as, rehabilitation, reittherapy, water massage and other procedures are so expensive.
   The largest hope and dream of the parents is possible positive result of rehabilitation course in Slovakia. Two week course and stay there costs 5000 EUR. It is a huge sum of money for everyone, not speaking about parents who invest all their money in improving health of their son!

Let us help! 

WE STILL NEED: LVL +595,23 (from LVL 3500,-; 07.01.13.*):
*We regularly update the names of contributors and the donated sums.
*We will definitely inform about usage of the donated sum in the next photo story.

Anonymous donation – LVL 1,- (20.09.12.)
MārīteOzoliņa – LVL 5,- (21.09.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 5,- (22.09.12.)
Nadežda Ņedospasova – LVL 38,71 (03.10.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 15,- (04.10.12.)
Māris Segliņš – LVL 5,- (08.10.12.)
Ilva Utāne – LVL 10,- (09.10.12.)
Kristīna Piko – LVL 5,- (16.10.12.)
Aigars Rozentāls – LVL 10,- (22.10.12.)
Antra Kalniņa – LVL 50,- (25.10.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 30,- (26.10.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 5,- (26.10.12.)
HK Dinamo Rīga – LVL 500,- (26.10.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 5,- (29.10.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 16,- (01.11.12.)
Inga Verbicka – LVL 15,- (01.11.12.)
Maksims Litvinovs – LVL 20,- (09.11.12)
Anonymous donation – LVL 10,- (12.11.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 10,- (13.11.12.)
Vita Mikucka – LVL 20,- (13.11.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 50,- (13.11.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 30,- (16.11.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 30,- (16.11.12.)
Marika Jākobsone – LVL 3,- (22.11.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 20,- (27.11.12.)
Mag.Irina Berdisa – EUR 50,- (LVL 34,52) (28.11.12.)
Denis Heifecs – LVL 36,- (05.12.12.)
Svetlana Mitrofanova – LVL 5,- (06.12.12.)
Igorj, Inga – LVL 50,- (06.12.12.)
Oļegs Kononovs – LVL 10,- (10.12.12.)
Nadežda Siliniece – LVL 20,- (10.12.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 15,- (10.12.12.)
Anonymous donation – LVL 20,- (10.12.12.)
Tatjana - LVL 5,- (10.12.12.)
Svetlana Sotņikova - LVL 70,- (11.12.12.)
Anonymous donation - LVL 10,- (11.12.12.)
Anonymous donation - LVL 10,- (11.12.12.)
Anonymous donation - 250,- (11.12.12.)
Ludmila Ivancova - LVL 40,- (12.12.12.)
Nataļja Serga - LVL 20,- (12.12.12.)
Tatjana Belugina - LVL 15,- (12.12.12.)
Tatjana Dementjeva - LVL 10,- (13.12.12.)
Degi Karajevs - LVL 5,- (13.12.12.)
SIA EKL/LS - LVL 2000,- (14.12.12.)
Marija Sutirina - LVL 200,- (17.12.12.)
Anonymous donation - LVL 5,- (17.12.12.)
Andreas Kiep - LVL 200,- (17.12.12.)
Svetlana Yurkiv - LVL 5,- (17.12.12.)
Ieva Sīpola - LVL 48,- (17.12.12.)
Igors Panihins - LVL 10,- (18.12.12.)
Irina Marakujeva - LVL 10,- (18.12.12.)
Ludmila Stjopina - LVL 25,- (20.12.12.)
Nina Polovinkina - LVL 3.- (23.12.12.)
Svetlana Yurkiv - LVL 5,- (27.12.12.)
Jevgenij Durnov - LVL 50,- (07.01.13.)

Many thanks to everybody who helped to fulfill Romāns’s dream! Full necessary amount is gathered and Romāns can take so needed rehabilitation in Slovakia.

January, 2013
We have paid for aviotickets- the amount 604.03 Ls.

Autumn, 2013
We have paid 392,8 LVL- the travel costs for the rehabilitation course in St Petersburg and 332.22 LVL- the travel cost for the rehabilitation in Minsk.

Photo's from Roman's family archive about rehabilitation in Lvov: Photo's from Roman's family archive about rehabilitation in Slovakia: Photo's from Roman's family archive about rehabilitation in Minsk:

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