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PHOTO DONATION: Ēriks Meinarts
Anna will be three years old in October. She is cute, smiling and lovely daughter for her mother Kristīne. We gave her name „a kilogram” because she would not have been born at all. Anna was born in the sixth month of pregnancy. Actually her mother was taken to the hospital due to spontaneous abortion. But a tiny girl was born – her weight was one kilogram - just like a package of sugar. During first days, Kristīne sat silently holding her daughter and caressing herall the time.... 

Kristīne’s own live has not been easy, she tells about herself: „I was born in Daugavpils and grew up in an orphanage. I do not know anything about my parents and relatives. I was imprisoned. Why? I had been put on probation – four years for a theft in a shop. I was judged, spared, judged again, until nobody spared me from the punishment. Now the court judges strictly. Was there any sense to steal? No. But there was such a moment in my life...” 

Now Anna and Kristīne live in Crisis Centre for women and children „Māras Centrs”, but they plan to go to their own home very soon. 

Kristīne looks for an apartment for which the State will pay for some time. She has applied to a kindergarten and hopes to find a job of a shop assistant or cook. 

Although there are many dark spots in Kristīne’s life, we wish to help her and her daughter to start a new life and invite you to do the same. Future then will be her hands.... 

Currently they need the most necessary things – clothes and footwear for Anna (height 104 cm, size for footwear 25-26). 

Now Kristīne has found an apartment in Miera Street! She could move in there from 19 August, but it is empty, there is no even a lamp there... 
Let us help Kristīne to obtain the most necessary things to start a new life: furniture (especially a sofa and a bed for Anna), household items (blankets, pillows, bed linen, curtains, etc.), kitchen items, a fridge, washing machine. 

Ivars Siliņs - LVL 50,- (07.08.12.) 
Anonymous donation - LVL 10,- (14.08.12.)
Kristīna Piko - LVL 5,- (17.09.12.)
Erika Jansson – LVL 20,- (28.11.12.)

Many thanks to all responsive people! All needed for starting a new life is obtained! At the moment is needed only wardrobe and washing machine. Another good news- Anna has got a place in the kindergarden! Very soon also mum Kristīne can go to work and then they will be able to start a good life!

November, 2012
Once again thanks to all the contributors- to the private persons who helped the family with household objects, clothes and money donations and companies who provided the furniture for the flat. At the moment is still needed the washing machine. Last news- Anna attends the kindergarden and Kristīne has found a job!

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