Friday, September 28, 2012


PHOTO DONATION: Andrejs Terentjevs

   Presently six-year old Arsenijs is in Berlin, Germany, where he and his mother await marrow transplantation. But it all started unexpectedly both – for the mother and the elder brother Aleksandrs who is only one year older than Arsenijs.
   After having caught cold that is common for children, Arsenijs felt pain in his back and left arm. The local doctor advised to apply “Fastum Gel” and take medicine to reduce fever. When the mother understood that it would not help, they went to Children’s Clinical University Hospital, and since 8 October of 2010 Arsenijswastreated in Oncological Ward of the hospital. The mother told how painful it was to look at her son who could jump, run and play around a little while agoas all other boys, but then lay in reanimation ward connected to countless tubes and underwent therapy courses. Arsenijs has passed 6 difficult courses of chemotherapy. When it seemed that the illness receded, the analyses showed the contrary – a setback again.
   Fortunately, a donor was found quite fast. The documents were prepared to travel to Germany to perform marrow transplantation. The mother told that Arsenijswas lucky. Everything goes very well right now, and hope to overcome the “nightmare” is huge. Arsenijs perceives the travel to Germany as a trip. If other children travel to beaches in Turkey or Egypt, he goes to Germany – no matter that to the hospital, it will be a trip for him anyway…
   The situation is very difficult for the elder brother.Arsenijs and Aleksandrs are like twins, the age difference is only one year. They long for each other very much. Aleksandrs fights against unfairness of the fate as he can being a seven years old child. Arsenijs calls for his brother when he feels very bad…
   We discussed with the mother that Arsenijs (and actually all children suffering from serious diseases) perceived life differently. They are different, more grown up. They talk, reason and think like adults, people who have experienced very much.
   The mother tells that she did not ask for help, as other people experienced more complicated problems.
   They have food, expenses of medications are partially covered by the State, and sothe mother thought that she had to fight herself. But currently she cannot do it alone. There are two boys in the family, only a grandmother helps them. Aleksandrs has to go to school in September – it is additional emotional and financial load for the family.
   Arsenijs and his mother will have to stay in Berlin quite a long time. Currently they are only waiting for transplantation, different examinations and analyses are being performed. After transplantation, there will be a period for “accepting” a donor, which hopefully will end positively. It will be followed bya recovery period. The mother has little savings, but it is not enough to live in Germany. The State covers medical expenses and pays for Arsenijs stay in the hospital. After two months, they will be discharged from the hospital. Arsenijs and his mother will move to a special flat for which they have to pay themselves.

Let us help to Arsenijs and his brother to be together again!


Anonymous - LVL 30,- (06.07.12.)
Vladislavs Rogovs - LVL 15,- (11.07.12.)
Kristīna Piko - LVL 5,- (12.07.12.)
Anonymous - LVL 15,- (16.07.12.)
Anonymous - LVL 20,- (23.07.12.)
Staņislavs Zavadskis - LVL 5,- (02.08.12.)
Ivars Siliņš - LVL 50,- (07.08.12.)
Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 10,- (23.08.12.)
Anonymous - EUR 500,- (27.08.12.)
Marija Rudakova - LVL 15,- (02.10.12.)
Ilva Utāne - LVL 10,- (09.10.12.)
Anonymous  - LVL 30,- (26.10.12.)
Anonymous  - LVL 6,- (17.12.12.)
Anonymous  - LVL 30,- (22.12.12.)
Tatjana Pakula - LVL 10,- (30.12.12.)
Jevgenij Durnov - LVL 50,- (07.01.13.)
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Vadims Sušins - LVL 30,- (13.03.13.)
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Jekaterina Sičova - LVL 5,- (22.03.13.)
Vadims Sušins - LVL 30,- (27.03.13.)
Vadims Sušins - LVL 30,- (15.04.13.)
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Nat'alija Stoligvo - LVL 50,- (18.07.13.)
Viktors Bolbats - LVL 50,- (06.08.13.)
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Vladimirs Šults - LVL 20,- (23.10.13.)
Anonīms EUR 21,34 (16.06.14.)

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