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The story was created in cooperation with the magazine “Mans Mazais”
Author of the article: Dace Rudzite(Dace Rudzīte)

Martins (Mārtiņš) is only three months old, but the list of his diseases is long as the one of an old man. The little one was born with a hereditary heart disease, breathing problems and other disorders. Even though Martins’ mother Liene and father Janis (Jānis) live in great poverty, they are ready to fight for their son’s health as much as they can, despite the lack of money.
When we were visiting Martins’ family in Apinstiguhome (Apiņstīgu) of Iecava parish, neither our conversation near his bed, nor phone calls woke the boy. Martins’ parents tell that the boy is very calm and sleeps a lot.
Being 33 years old, Liene has already experienced a lot. At the Social Service of Iecava parish we were told that Liene used to have alcohol problems; yet, four years ago she met Janis - stopped drinking, started working and thinking about the family. Liene also has a five-year-old son Markuss, who lives with Liene’s mother.
Liene tells that pregnancy went without any complications, nothing pointed at that Martins might have health problems. The birth was easy, three days after the birth they were released home, and only then did Liene and family’s doctor notice that the little one breathes not the way he should be breathing. Both were immediately taken to the Children’s hospital in Riga, and there they found out severe diagnoses. Liene tells that Martins has a hole in his heart, while social workers say that there are three holes. The doctors, to whom Martins has to be taken several times a month, know the truth.
Martins’ health condition is still very serious. Before Christmas, there were even thoughts that the little one might be gone... He was urgently taken to hospital. Liene has learnt to give little one all medicine herself, to put on breathing mask. Medicine has to be taken three-four times a day. It is still not known how long this will last, but there is hope that Martins’ health will improve.
The family lives in a house belonging to Liene’s spouse Janis. Even though the poverty is felt greatly, the house is ruled by perfect order - the floor is clean, all household articles are in their places, rooms are warm and cosy.
Family incomes consist of mother’s salary for Liene - 50 lats a month - , as well as 120 lats paid to them as a poor family. Martins’ medicine requires 40 lats a month, as well as diapers and milk mixtures. Liene breast-feeds Martins by herself, but the doctor recommended giving milk mixture as well, because the boy gains little weight. Liene admits that living is difficult.
The family needs money for Martins’ medicine most of all, because the state does not pay for the necessary medicine. Since the family is in fact very poor, they could use any help, starting from hygiene products and ending with a refrigerator and a new gas-stove. The dwelling requires repairing, therefore, anything useful for repairing will do. Little Martins needs a new bed, toys, and nursing aids.
We visited Martins for the first time, when the countryside was still covered in deep snow. By now we managed to help Martins to obtain the degree of disability and, hence, the allowance.
Thanks to the donation of the LLC “Nutricia”, we bought milk mixtures for Martins, as well as thanks to the donation of diapers of the LLC “Baltābura”, Martins can sleep tight.
Thanks to the support of the HC Dinamo Riga, we provided support for Martins during the first months.

Let us continue to help!

Our photographers
JelenaTrektere(JeļenaTrektere) – LVL 5,- (04.04.12.)
Anonymous donator – LVL 20,- (04.04.12.)
IvarsSilins(IvarsSiliņš) – LVL 50,- (04.04.12.)
RaivisTaurins(RaivisTauriņš) – LVL 100,- (05.04.12.)
Margarita Drozdova – LVL 5,- (05.04.12.)
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Linda Zatumanova – LVL 20,- (12.04.12.)
IlzeSkinke(IlzeŠķinķe) – LVL 50,- (12.04.12.)
LienePaidere – LVL 10,- (13.04.12.)
AgneseMurniece(AgneseMūrniece) – LVL 35,- (16.04.12.)
Irina Grzibovska(Irina Gržibovska) – LVL 20,- (16.04.12.)
RandijaGalbalina(RandijaGalbaliņa) – LVL 10,- (17.04.12.)
ZandaKokarevica(ZandaKokarēviča) – LVL 50,- (19.04.12.)
Ieva Andersone – LVL 25,- (23.04.12.)
Anonymousdonator – LVL 30,- (23.04.12.)
AigaOzolina(AigaOzoliņa) – LVL 20,- (23.04.12.)
Kristina Piko(KristīnaPiko) – LVL 5,- (23.04.12.)
ElinaEgle(ElīnaEgle) – LVL 30,- (27.04.12.)
Anonymousdonator – LVL 35,- (28.04.12.)
Anonymousdonator – LVL 5,- (28.04.12.)
Sandra Treija – LVL 15,- (03.05.12.)
Martins Lusis(Mārtiņš Lūsis) – LVL 300,- (07.05.12.)
Anonymousdonator – LVL 20,- (16.05.12.)
LigitaSoldane(LigitaSoldāne) – LVL 10,- (16.05.12.)
IlzeZarina(IlzeZariņa) – LVL 30,- (18.05.12.)
Germans Tregubovs – LVL 30,- (24.05.12.)
VjennaValtere – LVL 25,- (23.07.12.)
IevaGailuma – LVL 100,- (04.09.12.)
Ieva Gailuma – LVL 50,- (27.12.13.)

April 2012
We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the readers of the magazine Mans Mazais, who helped Martins: Arturs(Artūrs), Karina (Karīna), Sandra, Aiga, Ilona, Nata and many, many others. Furniture, a refrigerator, a gas-stove and other household items were donated to the Martins’ family. Martins has clothes, diapers, toys and food.
We are currently planning the way how to use the money donated most efficiently. We jointly decided that the instalment of water supply in the house, as well as motivation and social skill educational program for the mother is currently the most useful thing. The parents themselves have livened up, the garden has been put into order and a greenhouse has been built.
Martins’ mother actively communicates with us, and she is unspeakably grateful and pleasantly surprised with great responsiveness of people. Yesterday we received a message from Martins’ mother: “We are at the doctor’s right now. Martins is strong, gradually gains weight. Today Martins turns 5 months old. Great thanks to all good angels, who helped us.”
We will definitely further inform about the use of money donated, as well as publish photos from our visiting.

We visited Martins to bring all donated clothes, things, food and household items. Once again, great thanks to all, all who helped and helps Martins’ family! RaivisTurins(RaivisTuriņš), who will help Martins’ family to install water supply together with his friends, visited Martins along with us. We are currently expecting the exact estimate in order to be able to judge about the expenses. The family itself diligently prepares for summer, a greenhouse has been built, vegetable- and flower-beds are cultivated. In the nearest time, the father will dig out a trench for the water supply. Martins’ health condition is currently stable. Martins is smiling and has very long hair.
We will continue helping and following Martins’ development and health.

April 2012
Materials for instalment of the water supply were paid in the amount of 636.63 LVL, medicaments were paid in the amount of 14.84 LVL and 200 LVL were paid for mastering educational programs of family motivation and social skills.

June 2012
We paid the bill for performance of repair works in the amount of 290 LVL.

Martins’ heart is still not as stable as we all want. Health condition is still very serious. Doctors fight for his life...... We ask all the angels to hold hands and help the little soul!

Martins is a true miracle and a fighter; in spite of hopeless forecasts, the situation is currently stable, and soon Martins will be sent home.
Since there is only one cafe located in the BKUS territory, where parents can dine, and it is disproportionally expensive, we brought food to the mother, as well as diapers, mixtures and other hygiene products to Martins and mother for the total sum of: 32,50 LVL.

Martins successfully underwent heart surgery! Martins is a true miracle, because a month ago doctors would not give any hope that he would live, let alone surgery! Joy and gratitude for the athlete!

Martins became even stronger, soon he would start walking, and the health significantly improved. Martins’ mother attends “Mothers’ Club” organized by the Iecava Social Service, where mothers, who take care of children with special needs, meet each other. We continue to help with social life and things necessary for Martins’ health.

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