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PHOTODONATION: Artūrs Romanovskis

His mother’s story:
Linards was born a healthy baby and grew up as any normal child.
Things changed however and Linards went into hospital in January 2009 when he was 5 years old. He was admitted to the Hematology ward where he was diagnosed with idiopathic aplastic anaemia. Basically, his bone marrow had stopped working properly.
Linards stopped going to kindergarten because of his low immunity, and he started a prolonged period of treatment. He had two rounds of treatment during two years, but we didn’t see any change. He visited the ward every week where he underwent countless blood transfusions. After a year his diagnosis was revised to include another ailment - Hemosiderosis. There was an abnormal accumulation of iron in his liver from the transfusion of erythrocytes.
The doctors decided that he must have a bone marrow transplant. We left for Berlin on the 14th March 2011 and the next day Linards was admitted to the sterile ward for this procedure.
He was prepared for the transplant and underwent many examinations. He was then also diagnosed with (MDS, formerly known as preleukemia). This meant that he couldn’t survive without a bone marrow transplant.
Linards started chemotherapy on the 19th April, and his immunity was reduced to zero. The bone marrow transplant was scheduled for 27th April. The immediate results were promising however Lindard’s body rejected the marrow. Another transplant was then planned for the 5th July.
The process started again on the 26th June – chemotherapy, then radiation and the transplant. A whole month passed with perfect results. The new cells were slowly starting to work and we were planning to move into an apartment in Berlin after Linards was discharged from the clinic.
But, there was another complication and Lindards’ kidneys completely stopped functioning. He was operated on immediately to start dialysis and taken to intensive care. The doctor’s prognosis was that the dialysis would take place for 14 days but thank God this was not the case. After 3 days his kidneys started to work on their own and he went back to his ward.
Three days later things were worse. A translator was called and the doctors said that Linards was in a critical but stable condition, but if his condition became any worse we could lose him. We could only wait. For a few days nothing changed, he got no worse, and then everything slowly started to get better. His results improved. They reduced the strong drugs and Linards slowly started to walk again. Every step is fraught with risk but Linards feels good.
Linards was discharged from the clinic on the 31st October. 200 days after the transplant are critical; so we have to wait until 21st January. This means that we have to spend Christmas and New Year in Berlin and after that we can return to Latvia.
Linards has two older brothers Renārs and Nauris. Renārs has had to change schools because he is living with his grandmother in Jurmala while we are away. Nauris has finished 9th grade and has now started college.

That is a short version of a three year story.
Our only breadwinner is the boys’ father. We have more or less taken care of our financial problems during 8 months. AirBaltic has helped us during this time providing Linards’ father with flights so he could join us.
Linards’ brothers visited in August but Linards’ problems had already begun and he was asleep for most of this time.

We very much wish to spend Christmas together as a family but we don’t have the money to buy full price tickets.

The cheapest fare (for the dates we want to travel) is 365,16 LVL.

Let’s help!

We still need 00 LVL (from LVL 365.16 to 06.12.11*):
* Every evening we will update information about donors and their generosity.
* In future photo stories we will detail how the money is spent.

Everita Rudzīte - LVL 10,- (25.11.11.)
Inese Līdaka - LVL 10,- (29.11.11.)
Laura Lazdiņa - LVL 40,- (30.11.11.)
Inita Ozoliņa - LVL 21,- (30.11.11.)
Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 10,- (05.12.11.)
Anonymous donation - LVL 30,- (05.12.11.)
Anonymous donation - LVL 3,- (05.12.11.)
Irēna Bērziņa - LVL 30,- (06.12.11.) – Hang in there! Wishing your family a happy festive season!
Inga Bleiere - LVL 211,16 (06.12.11.)
Evita Pudane - LVL 10,- (19.12.11.)

Thanks to your generosity, the necessary amount has been donated, the tickets purchased and Linards’ family will be together during Christmas and the New Year!
Thank you with all our hearts.

Medicaments were purchased for Linards for the total amount of LVL 38.06. Thanks to “IlmasAptieka” for special prices!

An invoice for foot-wear was paid LVL 215.00

Medicaments were paid for the total amount of LVL 41.34

Linards is still staying at the hospital from time to time. There are certain exacerbations, skin problems, yet we hope that Linards will recover soon enough!
Medicaments were purchased for the total amount of LVL 81.08. Thanks to “IlmaAptieka” for special prices!

Medicaments were purchased at “SaulesAptieka”for the total amount of LVL 24.76

July 2012
Medicaments and inhaler were purchased for Linards for the total amount of LVL 140.56. Thanks to “IlmaAptieka” for special prices!

Medicaments were purchased at “Saules Aptieka”for the total amount of LVL 81.95

Medicaments were purchased at “Saules Aptieka”for the total amount of LVL 96.75

Unfortunately, the illness turned out to be stronger than Linards. On 24.11.2012Linards’ heart stopped beating tired of long and serious struggle. Let the angels be with the boy, protect and support his parents, who have to continue living without him. We present our deepest condolences to Linards’ parents and brothers.

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