Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let us warm the hearts!

Palīdzē at the moment has about 400 children and young men of different age waiting for the Christmas miracle. A miracle that could make them healthier, more successful. A miracle that would change the attitude of their parents. A miracle that could fulfil their small and big dreams.

The campaign which was open by Palīdzē in the Christmas market in Līvu square together with SIA „Fīlings” goes on in this Christmas time also in the other places in Rīga- Arena Rīga, gastro pub „Cidonija”, Rīga State 3rd Gymnasium and other.

During this charity campaign “Let us warm the hearts!” we - Palīdzē together with SIA „Fīlings”, Arena Rīga and the hockey club Dinamo Rīga invite you to afford pleasure to the children by donating the money which will be used to fulfil the different dreams of the children. For one child it is a visit to the Aqua Park, somebody else desires a doll or car, another child- health improvement, a theatreor circus play or a hockey game. The wishes and needs of the children are different, but all as one - long awaited and desired. We all together can fulfil them and warm their hearts!

You can make the children holidays more pleasant by:

* donating the money in the account of the organization- for the campaign “Let us warm the hearts”!

The foundation "PALĪDZĒSIM.LV"
Reg. no. 40008137568
Address: Jauniela 21-1, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia

Account: AS "SEB banka"

P.S. When making the payment, please kindly mention the purpose of the payment (for example, for the campaign “Let us warm the hearts!”). If you do not want that your name is shown in the list of donators, please write in the payment “Anonymous”.

* calling to the charity phone 90006888 - you will donate 1 LVL
All the money which will be collected during December will be used for the gifts for children

*visiting the photo exhibition in Līvu square and donating money in the pub „Fīlings” or in the small houses of the Christmas market

*visiting an event during December in the Arena Rīga - by buying against a donation an object made by children in the charity market of Palīdzē (at the entrance B)

* putting a donation box in your company

*getting gifts for the children - you can have a look in our home page (blog- Photo stories) and choose a definite child for whom you would like to make a present

*studying the definite wishes of the children in the home page of European Hit Radio ( and delivering the gifts until December 16th to the office of European Hit Radio- 17th Elijas Str., Rīga, 4th floor, in the working days 9:00-17:00.

About the delivery of the presents or putting donation boxes, please kindly contact us:
Renāte Robežniece, phone.: 22479990, e-mail: [email protected]
Ilze Skuja, phone.: 29115545, e-mail: [email protected]
Laura Liepa-Timma, phone: 22441381, e-mail: [email protected]

We wish you and your family this Christmas approaching time full of sincere and light thoughts!

Let us help!

Alina Voronova - LVL 108,- (01.12.11.)
Jevgenijs Durnovs - EUR 450,- (05.12.11.) - Līvu akvaparka apmeklējumam
Jevgenijs Durnovs - LVL 88,69 (05.12.11.) - Līvu akvaparka apmeklējumam
In the charity market of Palīdzē in the Arēna Rīga - LVL 188,69 (05.12.11.)
Ieva Čulkstēna - LVL 15,- (06.12.11.)
Inga Bleiere - LVL 78,84 (06.12.11.)
Iveta Lause - LVL 20,- (08.12.11.)
Arēna Rīga - LVL 224,- (07.12.-10.12.11.)
Arēna Rīga - LVL 114,16 (11.12.11.)
Maija Baumane - LVL 100,- (12.12.11.)
Svetlana Ivanova - LVL 30,- (12.12.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 15,- (13.12.11.)
Guntars Pētersons - LVL 5,- (13.12.11.)
Ilva Utāne - LVL 50,- (13.12.11.)
Denis un Erika - LVL 50,- (15.12.11.)
Inga Skuja - LVL 15,- (16.12.11.)
Česlavs Gržibovskis - LVL 15,- (16.12.11.)
Edmunds Rudzītis - LVL 15,- (20.12.11.)
SIA "LV CĒSIS" - LVL 100,- (21.12.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 20,- (21.12.11.)
Jelena Mahhova and Arthur Herchen - LVL 48,34 (EUR 70,-) (22.12.11.)
Nellija Milča - LVL 5,- (22.12.11.)
Rīgas Valsts 3.ģimnāzijā Ziemassvētku tirdziņā saziedotie līdzekļi - LVL 78,- (22.12.11.)
Edīte Kostigova - LVL 40,- (23.12.11.) - For Diāna
EM Būvniecības un mājokļu politikas departamenta darbinieki - LVL 15,- (23.12.11.)
Arēnā Rīga Saltimbanko cirka izrāžu laikā saziedotie līdzekļi - LVL 217,34 (21.-25.12.11.)
Arēnā Rīga izrādes "Alise brīnumzemē" laikā saziedotie līdzekļi - LVL 23,60 (26.12.11.)
Rūdis Rubenis - LVL 5,- (27.12.11.)
Inese Moroza - LVL 30,- (27.12.11.)
Oļesja Gavriloviča - LVL 5,- (27.12.11.)
Bikram yogas labdarības klašu dalībnieku un citu studijas apmeklētāju saziedotie līdzekļi - LVL 224,04 (17.-28.12.11.)
Vadims Maļcevs - LVL 10,- (29.12.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 10,- (29.12.11.)
Arēnā Rīga koncerta laikā saziedotie līdzekļi - LVL 16,36 (29.12.11.)

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