Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Buy the red ribbon in the stores of The Body Shop and support the family who has suffered from HIV

The charity organization „Palīdzē” and chain store The Body Shop invites you to get involved in the struggle against HIV by supporting a family where the parents of two children are infected with HIV. "Palīdzē" is taking care of this family.

Irīna’s family lives out of Rīga. Her husband was infected with HIV many years ago and also infected Irīna. The family has two children- 11 years old girl and 2 years old boy. Both parents were 36 years old when they were infected.
The oldest girl is Irīna’s first child. They boy has been very lucky- if both parents are infected with HIV then there is a big risk that also the expected child can get infected, but the boy was born healthy! There were other factors which could heighten the risk to infect the child- the boy was born in a natural birth, he did not wait for the caesarean operation (the women who are infected with HIV are not allowed to give the birth themselves), Irīna was already 43 when she was expecting her son.

At the moment the situation in the family is quite difficult because both parents are invalids, they receive the medicine compensated by the state, the husband cannot move himself and also Irīna cannot work due to the health problems. The oldest girl during the working days lives at her granny in Rīga because the parents living conditions are very confined (5 persons are living in a one room flat). The small brother goes to the kinder-garden.

The girl has problems with the eyes. The living conditions are difficult in the family. The family lives from the state benefits. Of course, it is enough just for the surviving, not living.

The children have never been in the circus or aqua park.

The girl likes very much figure skating.

The children would also need the winter clothes and footwear:
Girl- size 35/36., 146-154 cm
Boy- size 25/26, 90-96 cm

In the winter time the children would need very much the vitamins.

By involving in this campaign and buying the red ribbon everybody can help these children to see a better future!

The campaign will last until December 11th in all stores of The Body Shop.

You can also support this family by donating money in the account of the organization.

Let us help!

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