Sunday, November 13, 2011

Conclude the Week of Good Deeds

It is with great joy and satisfaction for the things accomplished during this week that the organizers - charities Palīdzē and - conclude the Week of Good Deeds.

We consider this event a success. Even more so - the Week of Good Deeds has turned into a movement of good deeds with participants of all ages. We are really happy for all the good things that have been done and there are so many of them!

The greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that schools, members of 4-H, scout and girl guides get involved in the culture of helping – it means that our children and young people are on the right track! They are open and ready to support and help those who need it the most. Overall more than 100 schools took part in this event and that is only the number of schools who have sent us information about themselves and their deeds.

Children and young people have done many different things: kids have tidied up abandoned graveyards, visited old people both at retirement homes and at home and helped them in the gardening, many kids have gone to pet shelters to cuddle and walk abandoned animals. They have tidied up their classrooms, schools and surroundings. Young people have brought joy to little ones at kindergartens by organizing games and bringing self-made gifts. A special week of kisses, hugs and compliments was organized at Riga 85th High school.

Several companies and institutions took part in the event by lending a hand. For example, people from LTV went to children and youth centre “Ziemeļi” while employees of the Riga City Council’s Welfare Department did a whole list of good deeds. Employees of many companies donated blood and raised money for children or old people.

Employees of different branches of Latvian Red Cross as well as other public organizations took active part in the events. Many good deeds were not even submitted for “registration” and we were happy to find random information about the different activities. For example, people from Māris Štrombergs Agency (MŠA) visited schools in Valmiera in order to interest young people in sports and active way of life.

There are so many different good deeds that we are not even able to mention them all.:) You can read about all of them by clicking here:

We thank the readers of the portal DELFI for their response to help requests (

During the week we received also some requests for help. Many of these requests have been fulfilled but some are still waiting for helpers:

We at Palīdzē joined forces with our supporters, volunteers and friends to organize different events: we visited children at the social care centre Teika, Zālīte Special Boarding School, Children’s Hospital, as well as moms at the Ilģuciems Female Prison and pet shelter Ulubele.

PHOTO DONATION BY: Gints Ivuškāns, Andrejs Terentjevs, Kaspars Volonts

The Good Deeds Week ended with a fun and heartfelt event at the Congress Hall. The event was organized to benefit kids and families taken care of by the Palīdzē

The Good Deeds Week has come to an end but that does not mean the end of the good deeds themselves. We will continue doing them each day without waiting for Christmas or the Good Deeds Week!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped this week happen!

We want thank the following creative people:
Agris Daņiļevičs and dance school Dzirnas
Band Pulse effect
Rubenis for video clips
Māris Vēveris un MID Lab for mock-ups
Actress Vita Baļčunaite
Singer Liene Šomase
Band Re:public
Nils Īle and his students
Flute player Maija Fogele
Young singer Roberta Džesika Larka
Iļja Orlovs and his sisters from Malta
Girls choir Rīga and its conductor Gunta
Big thank you to artists Maija Sējāne – Īle and Līva Rudzīte

We thank our partners:
International Generosity Academy Foundation
Hockey Club Dinamo Rīga
Arena Rīga
Rīgas Nami for cosy premises and sound equipment
Creative Initiatives Center and its manager Ilona
az web agency
Cydonia gastropub
Mārtiņa Beķereja for big tasty pretzels
IT firm MA1
Telecommunications company BITE
L'oreal for the gorgeous day at the Children’s Hospital
Rīgas Rēvija for balloons
Stationery wholesalers Ūpis for polymer materials
Company Greta for crockery, table cloths, napkins, candles
Company Officeday for materials for the creative workshops
Ziedu nams for flowers
Rīgas Miesnieks for tasty sausages for picnics and sandwiches
Augļu serviss for fruit
Staburadze for cakes, cookies and juices
Ādažu čipsi for treats
Hills for cat and dog food
Daile for dog treats
Company Arkolat for crockery for workshops and gala events
Independent theatre Kabata for props for the gala event

We thank the many media outlets:
LTV1, especially the show Good Morning, Latvia!
LTV7, especially the show SeMs
Photo news agency f64
Latvijas Radio
Latvia News Channel
1st Baltic Channel
Portal Delfi
Portal Esi Labs
Magazines Ieva and Privātā Dzīve
Magazine and portal Mans Mazais
Magazine Ļubļu
Newspaper Subbota

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