Sunday, November 13, 2011

The 2011 Week of Good Deeds is approaching!

The charity organisation "" and the society "" invite you to join in "The Week of Good Deeds". Between 16 and 23 October help us to promote a culture of helping others.

The concept. For the third consecutive year The Week of Good Deeds will take place throughout Latvia. During this week everyone is invited to help someone and promote this principle through the country. The aim of this campaign is to popularise and expand on the growing trend in goodwill, community spirit and mutual support. We hope to increase positive experiences for all involved, and secure this project as an annual event. This year we will focus on helping others without spending a lot of money.

The process. HK Dinamo Rīga will start the ‘The Week of Good Deeds’ on the 16th October at Arēnā Rīga with the Good Deed game. Palīdzē and the Innovative Education centre (Inovācijas izglītības centru “IDEJA”) and their volunteers will hold master classes during the week. These classes will be held at the children’s hospital, the “Zālītes” special boarding school and the social welfare centre “Teika’. They will also visit the animal shelter „Līči”. The campaign will conclude with an event attended by the children, youth, volunteers, supporters and local celebrities.

Through media and social networking the wider community will be invited to participate.
This year we will focus on actively involving schools, companies and non-government organisations.

You can track the campaign at, following each event as it is recorded during the week ( Also, and will post information about those who desperately need your help.

If you know someone who needs help, email [email protected]. Write now.
And, to show others how good it feels to help email a photo of your experience to [email protected].

About the previous years’ ‘good deeds’...
The ‘week of good deeds’ campaign was launched two years ago, and we think it benefits society in general. People have shown initiative and been active in helping others and organising working bees within their own districts. Over 70 schools have been involved, along with community organisations, businesses, and even families who have previously received help from

Here are only a few of these positive moments:

  • Lecturers and students from Daugavpils University visited the Naujiena children’s home. They organised some activities, and brought with them donated clothes and shoes and also delicious kliņģeri (cake) and apples.

  • The Zaļupes society ‘Rupucīši’ delivered essential items to the underprivileged people in their area.

  • The Riga city council welfare department actively invited their employees and the people of Riga to donate warm clothing to the homeless.

  • The 45th unit of the Vabole girl guides helped Tekla Skrinda, a pensioner, to stock her firewood supply. They also helped tidy the Mukānu cemetery graves.

  • The third grade students at Kalsnavas primary school had organised lots of lovely and fun surprises for children with special needs who study in the Kāpēcīšu class. The children all studied together, played different games and the Kāpēcīši class were surprised with lovely handmade gifts!

These and many other stories warmed our hearts during ‘The Week of Good Deeds’.

This year we also invite all Latvian residents to be actively involved!

By working together we can do more good!

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