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Elīna’s story makes us think about what we value in life and how we understand and assess our priorities.
Elīna lives in Kuldīgā, a town in western Latvia. She lives in a small room together with her parents and sister. Elīna is eight years old and has severe hearing loss.
Elīna was born premature at 26 weeks, she weighed 900 grams. Her future did not look promising, and the local doctors said that these children do not survive. Elīna did - but with serious developmental problems including deafness. As with many premature babies her development was severely delayed. Elīna learned to crawl at one year of age, and only walked when she was three. She got a cochlear implant when four years old and could then hear different sounds and understand the world by hearing. Much work needs to be done so children like Elīna can learn to talk.
Elīna attends Riga's 218th special pre-school, and stays at the boarding school for hearing impaired children. She is doing well; slowly learning about her new world and meeting new children. Elīna uses sign language to communicate with her family and her school mates and teachers. She is very active; her mother says that at times she is even aggressive. It is obvious that Elīna has difficulty walking, but unfortunately her mother was not told that the government covers the cost of special orthopaedic shoes twice a year.
When meeting Elīna it is obvious that she has serious developmental and communication problems, and this will have been made worse because she has spent 6 months surrounded by silence.
Elīna’s mother delivers mail, and her father is unemployed. They have another daughter, Megija, who is a healthy five year old.
Six months ago Elīna’s cochlear implant broke. It costs 170 LVL to fix the TEMPO system and the battery compartment. Her parents had planned to solve this problem on their own, but have finally understood that they have to ask for help.
It is essential that the cochlear implant is repaired immediately so Elīna can hear again!

We can also help both little sisters with clothing:
Elīna: eight years old, clothing size 128-134
Megija: five years old, clothing size 116-122, shoe size 26-27

When encountering these situations we try not to lay blame or justify the actions taken by parents, and continuously remind ourselves that we do help these children! You can help them too!

Elīna needs only 170 LVL to hear again!
Let’s help!

WE STILL NEED: 0,00- LVL (from LVL 170,- 06.03.2011*):
* Every evening we will update information about donors and their generosity.
* In future photo stories we will detail how the money is spent.

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We say a heartfelt thank you to the 3rd class students and teachers of Jūrmala primary school "Taurenītis" (“Butterfly”). The children had a project week where they discussed charity works. The children raised money by producing a show and asking their parents to help. 180 LVL was raised and the children decided to donate the amount to one of our children. Presently Elīna needs this money the most and we are so happy that we are lucky enough to help her so quickly. The children have also created a collection of drawings as wonderful cards for the children already in our care.
Thank you to Marta, Andželika, Harijs, Anne, Daniels, Rainers, Karina, Artjom, Rolands, Flēra, Raimonds, Georgs, Daniels, Alberts, Kristiāns, Valters, Artūrs, Eduards, Markuss, Aksels and their teacher!!!! I believe that this project was created with love, and is an example that children can actively participate in charity work and want to do good things. You should too!

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