Friday, May 13, 2011

At “Veģi”

PHOTO DONATION: Andrejs Terentjevs

The children’s ward at the Social Care Centre „Ezerkrasti” was closed almost three years ago. We had become very close friends with the children and carers, and still meet some of them at the State Social Care Centre „Teika”. We visit during the Week of Good Deeds and at Easter, and we also drop in from time to time to have a chat.
There were a group who went from “Ezerkrasti” to the State Social Care Centre “Veģi”, and we hadn’t met them all this time. Finally we found the opportunity to visit, and Gita (the former “Ezerkrasti” manager) and one of the former carers also came along.
The young people were genuine in their joy when meeting us, and they all hugged Ginta and the carer. We were very happy and surprised that they also remembered us, proving again that these children are special; they are the same as we are only with a different way of thinking.
After the excitement had died down the children had lunch, and we met with Irēna Kauliņa the director. She and her colleagues showed us the centre. We were happy about the children’s achievements and the hospitable rooms.
After lunch we had a picnic together in the centre grounds. We had brought treats with us and while eating we listened to the children. They told us how they are doing, what they have done during this time, how they are missing their friends and how much they hope and wait to all meet again at “Ezerkrasti”!
It was very moving to hear the boys call Ginta “little angel”. Little Sasha said “Little angel, you can call us your children!”
We were shown everyone’s telephones, and they told us how they had been naughty and been out of the centre grounds, and how they had been to the sea side and much more.
After the picnic we went to see their cosy rooms with photographs on the walls (even some pictures from „Ezerkrasts” times).
Although we didn’t want to we did eventually have to say goodbye. We swapped phone numbers and parted with a promise - that the “Veģi” children will meet their “Teika” friends either in Riga or in Veģi.
We are already starting to organise this event – and you are very welcome to participate by helping financially or in any other way!
Let’s help!

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