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Camp for teens and young people “Everything is in your hands!” by Palīdzēsim.lv and European Hit Radio

For the third year the charity foundation “Palīdzēsim.lv” organizes a summer camp for teens and young people aged 13 to 25 who have no other possibility to go to a summer camp (for they come from poor, deprived families or have special needs).
Organizing different events for young people who due to different reasons can’t spend time outside the sometimes very harsh reality of their home we become more and more aware how important different summer camps and educational, cultural, sports and creative events are. Some of the participants suffer from an illness, some face difficult living conditions or consequences from an old trauma (caused by child abuse or alcoholism at home).
We are extremely happy to see young people who have opened up, become more sociable, friendly and sympathetic. If a boy is shy and can only nod during the introduction part of the camp, by the end of it he is socializing with his peers, taking part in all activities and showing a visible desire to be with others.
All these teens and young people are very excited about the possibility to attend our events which brings us great joy, but in order to make it a two way street we request feedback from them – we try to motivate and encourage them to get as good education as they can and think about their future. We would like to make them stop thinking in terms of “I can’t”, “I don’t know how”, “I’m not worthy”... And we are certain that the best way of doing that is by showing them that there are other values in life and everything depends on one’s own self.

This is why we plan a summer camp this year, too. We will be helped by our long time partners and supporters at European Hit Radio and our new friends at sports and leisure centre Atpūta pie Rāznas.

The camp will take place at the sports and leisure centre Atpūta pie Rāznas (you can get more information on their website www.atputapieraznas.lv)
The camp will take place from July 4 till 9, 2011.
Planned number of participants – 20 teens and young people.

Camp’s programme will be creative, interesting, sporty, exciting and above all motivational. The camp’s name “Everything is in your hands!” clearly indicates it’s main goal. Teens and young people must make an effort to get as good grades as they can, think about who they would like to be when they grow up and about their possible career. They must learn not to give up in the face of the first difficulties and be determined and sociable, as well as to improve their self esteem and learn to support each other when the going gets tough.
Entertainment is not the only thing planned for this camp. Each day will have a specific theme. For example, Friendship day will see discussions and activities regarding this subject, while during Help day we will go and help locals at the farmhouses and on Education day we will show them new and exciting ways how to learn some things that seem less than exciting at school. Career day will see different professionals visiting the camp and telling about their profession so that participants can get an idea how to achieve their own goals in life.
We will definitely have field trips in order to get to know the picturesque region of Latgale.
Our friends at European Hit Radio will visit the camp and tell about the daily life, work and their duties at the radio station. The afternoon will be spent singing songs and maybe even having fun at a small disco.

But to make this camp a success we need 3109,80 LVL.
This amount includes meals, services by a professional camp leader and teachers, transportation, materials for the creative workshops, transfers for the experts, camp equipment and other things necessary to make this camp possible.

Help 20 teens and young people to enjoy the summer camp that will give them so much this year!

You can help by:
making a donation via bank transfer to the foundation’s account with a note that the money is for the camp:

CHARITY FOUNDATION “PALĪDZĒSIM.LV” Registration number: 40008137568 Address: Jauniela 21-1, Riga, LV-1050 BANK TRANSFER INFORMATION: Bank: AS “SEB banka” Account number: LV90UNLA0050013761397 SWIFT: UNLALV2X


WE STILL NEED: 00,00 LVL (out of 3109,80 LVL – 30.06.2011*):
* Each morning at 10:00 we will receive information from Lattelecom regarding donations made via phone calls as well as we will update the donors list and the amount of the donations received.
* We will definitely make a photo story regarding the exact way the received money was spent.


Charity phone LVL 5 , - (31.05.11.)
Katrīna Kaktiņa - LVL 5,- (01.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 2, - (01.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 7, - (02.06.11.)
Āris Uzars - LVL 4,- (03.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 9, - (05.06.11.)
Arvis Skujenieks - LVL 50,- (07.06.11.)
Anonymous donor - LVL 15,- (07.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 7,- (07.06.11.)
Iveta Savicka - LVL 5,- (08.06.11.)
Maija Baumane - LVL 100,- (08.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 6,- (08.06.11)
Inga Skuja - LVL 10,- (09.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 2,- (09.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 2,- (12.06.11.)
Dace Breice - LVL 15,- (13.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 1,- (13.06.11.)
Svein Arne Brokke - LVL 100,- (14.06.11.)
Jennifer Sandberg Billsta - LVL 3,51 (EUR 5,- ) (14.06.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 20,- (16.06.11.)
Bikram yoga - LVL 136,- (16.06.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 5,- (17.06.11.)
Natālija Sosnicka - LVL 20,- (17.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 2,- (19.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 5,- (20.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 6,- (21.06.11.)
Ilva Utāne - LVL 25,- (21.06.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 20,- (22.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 36,- (22-26.06.11.)
Kalvis Kulbars - LVL 2,- (27.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 8,- (27.06.11.)
Inga Bleiere - LVL 200,- (27.06.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 5,- (28.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 8,- (28.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 10,- (29.06.11.)
Charity phone - LVL 5,- (30.06.11.)
Maria and her friends from Sweden: Elin D, Eva W, Gun & Lasse, Pauline S, Maria E, Ingela S and Gunilla K - LVL 178,- (30.06.11.)
Biedrība Charity.lv - LVL 2210,20 ( 30.06.11.)

Many many thanks to all contributors, both- those who called and special thanks to those who transferred the money. Many thanks to the society "Charity.lv" who helped us also this time- in this “difficult” situation by paying the biggest part of the camp costs.

Thanks to all those companies who support us with different materials and products: abi 2, Rīgas miesnieks, Rēzeknes gaļas kombināts, Saldus gotiņa, Greta, Danon, Mārtiņa beķereja, Augļu serviss, Office day, Sportland, BBfactory, Carnikavas invalīdu biedrība, Elize, Abakhan Fabrics Eesti, L'oreal, ABA prezent and many others.
We will definitely tell you about how was the camp both- in social portals as well in a photo story here.

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