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Little Loreta


When meeting families like Loreta’s one can feel the strength and courage uniting them in the fight for their incurably ill child.
Loreta will soon be two years old. She is practically bedridden, and this is difficult for her. She cries horribly when on her back and there is no explanation why. She can’t sit in the car, the pram, or on the floor – she can only lie on her side. She feels great discomfort if sitting in her high chair for more than five minutes.
When we visit Loreta she has just finished her treatment and is sound asleep. She almost sleeps through our photo session, but her parents slowly wake her and we finally see this little girl’s eyes.
Loreta’s mother is a doctor and she continuously investigates how to help her daughter. It is so very hard for this family to have such a sick little child, especially when the other family members have no health or social problems.
Loreta’s mother, as a doctor, is qualified to tell of her situation...
„She was born small and has always had various health problems, and eating problems. She developed normally until 6 months of age. Of course we understood that something was wrong, but because she was developing so well everything seemed so positive and we were very optimistic. She started to turn over by herself, was picking up her toys and making sounds, but at around 6 months I understood that her development had stopped or she was regressing.
Then at 7 months her condition worsened. Loreta became stiff, her hands were clenched, and she was not eating well and started to lose weight. We struggled on like this until she was a year old. Then, with thanks to Dr Krumina (Head of Genetics), we arrived in Salzburg where muscle and liver biopsies were performed. Of course the doctor did not give us any hope, but we were motivated just by being there and that action was being taken.
We waited 6 months for the analysis. It was very difficult for us, a journey comprising half a step forward and one step back. The analysis did not show anything: all results were normal. Loreta will soon be two years old and we still have no diagnosis.
The assumed diagnosis is metabolic mitochondrial disease, meaning that abnormal chemical reactions in her body disrupt the normal metabolic process. This in itself may not be so bad, but it is a vicious cycle producing many toxic by products, and these destroy the brain.
The biggest problem now is that Loreta won’t eat. We were tube feeding her for a month, but the tube fell out and I requested that we no longer feed her this way. For a while she was spoon fed but now we are facing the same hurdles. She refuses water or tea, and will only take a milk drink but even that is a problem now. She eats only crumbs.
To make matters worse, Loreta frequently vomits the food she does take. She is therefore not absorbing enough calories and this is very dangerous for her. The saddest part is that even if we had a diagnosis, there is no therapy for her condition – it is genetic and cannot be treated. It is terrible to watch and know that you can’t help your child.” Her voice breaks as she finishes telling us about her daughter.
We can help, if only in a small way, by raising funds for a special activity chair. This chair has special head, elbow and leg braces, a table, and arm supports.
The government waiting list is 2 to 3 years. That is a long time for Loreta...
This chair costs more that 2000 LVL.
Loreta’s mother says „There is a limit to what my family and I can struggle to achieve, and this activity chair is too expensive, this is why I ask for your help...”

Let’s Help!

WE STILL NEED: 00,- LVL (from the total LVL 2109,63 – 26.04.2011*):
* Every evening we will update information about donors and their generosity.
* We will detail amounts spent in future photo stories.

Call 90006888 and donate 1 LVL

Mūsu fotogrāfiem
Nataļja no Maskavas - LVL 30,- (24.02.11.)
Dace Melberga - LVL 3,- (25.02.11.)
Anonīms ziedojums - LVL 20,- (25.02.11.)
Anonīms ziedojums - LVL 10,- (25.02.11.)
Anonīms ziedojums - LVL 20,- (25.02.11.)
Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 10,- (28.02.2011.)
Edīte Kalniņa - LVL 5,- (28.02.2011.)
Anonīms ziedojums - LVL 10,- (28.02.2011.)
Anonīms ziedojums - LVL 20,- (28.02.2011.)
Anita Dresmane - LVL 50,- (28.02.2011.)
Jānis Kalējs - LVL 50,- (04.03.2011.)
No QUINTILES kolēģiem - LVL 430,- (07.03.2011.)
SIA FUTURES FOOD - LVL 100,- (07.03.2011.)
Anonīms ziedojums - LVL 30,- (08.03.11.)
Solveiga Zālīte - LVL 100,- (08.03.11.)
Indriķis Krams - LVL 50,- (08.03.11.)
Agita Gulbe - LVL 100,- (08.03.11.)
Eva Barkāne - LVL 50,- (09.03.11.)
Vadims Ķīsis - LVL 20,- (10.03.11.)
Kristīne Balcere - LVL 25,- (14.03.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 30,- (15.03.11.)
Ilze Rozenberga - LVL 40,- (16.03.11.)
Nataļja Maiere - LVL 30,- (17.03.11.)
Gunta Reseviča - LVL 10,- (28.03.11.)
Sniedze Freiberga - LVL 10,- (28.03.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 22,- (29.03.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 10,- (31.03.11.)
Sandra Spūle - LVL 25, - (06.04.11.)
Dāvis Auškāps - LVL 25, - ( 07.04.11.)
Ērika Dārziņa - LVL 30, - ( 07.04.11.)
Anete Bergmane - LVL 50,- ( 08.04.11.)
Una Raumane - LVL 60, - (12.04.11.)
Ingrīda Ķirse - LVL 150,- (12.04.11.)
Signe Kramiņa - LVL 20, - (12.04.11.)
Kristīne Staškeviča - LVL 2, - (13.04.11.)
Zanda Ozola - Balode - LVL 2, - (13.04.11.)
Aija Auškāpa - LVL 100, - (14.04.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 50,- (14.04.11.)
Toms Auškāps - LVL 40,- (18.04.11.)
Andrejs Derbakovs - LVL 1,- (19.04.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 150,- (26.04.11.)
Donations from - LVL 30,- (12.07.11.)

Many, many thanks to everybody who donated the money for Loreta. The money is gathered and thanks to the discount given by the supplier of the chair SIA “Kanins” we can buy it cheaper. The chair is ordered and after a month Loreta will be able to have her lunch sitting in it or just to send some time there… Most sincere thanks to everybody!
Also company “Baltā Bura" (distributor of consumer goods) is taking care about Loreta, they give her every month the diapers. Thank you!

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