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The Dombrovski family

5PHOTO DONATION: Andrejs Terentjevs

This family came to our attention following their move from Dāviņi parish to Iecava parish. The tip came from the social service workers with whom we have established great collaboration. They asked if we could support this family at least during the initial period of settling in. The family has left Dāviņi parish with a feeling of bitterness due to the agressive father and husband who has been violent towards both mom and the kids. Time will show how the family will settle in, how they will work and how the kids will do at school but together we can definitely give them a chance to start a brand new life.
Reporter for the magazine „Mans mazais” Dace Rudzīte joined us when we went to visit the Dombrovski family.
Sanita has 8 kids. She’s still young but already broken by life. Currently Sanita and her younger kids Armands, Gints, Dita, Sanija, Jana un Līga live with their landlords – Aivars and Irēna. Sometimes they are visited by the elder son Armands and daughter Dace. Sanita’s family helps out around the farm thus earning their board and also some money.
Sanita has come to realize that her kids are her main priority. Mom recognizes that many of the kids’s problems have been left to slide. Amanda has been diagnosed with anemia. She has had it the toughest because she has to look after the younger kids and be a sort of second mom for them.
During the teacher’s meeting Dita was established to have a mental disorder. “I didn't notice,” says mom, tears in her eyes. “I was so overwhelmed with work and scared from my husband that this skipped me. I had to earn money. My husband spent all his miserable pennies and the money I earned on booze. Now we would have had a different life.”

After they left her husband has tried to terrorize Sanita by calling and threatening her but currently she feels strong due to suport from Aivar’s family who wont let her and the kids get hurt.
From January kids are attending new schools - Gints and Amanda are now students at Iecava Boarding school. Amanda has settled in easily while for Gints it has been a little more difficult. Now they have made an agreement with mom that for now, while they settle in, they will come home each evening (the school is about 15 km away from their home). Dita now studies at Zālītes Elementary school (this school is a great friend of ours and for more information about them you can check out this link:
„We’ve been through some tough times when we didn't even have bread but Aivars has always helped us and in return we do all we can to help out at his farm. We have settled in. There is no place for kids to do pranks or wander about here because at the farm they are getting used to work. Each kid has their own duties – bringing in firewood, heating the greenhouse, weeding. There’s enough work for everyone. At night we all enjoy reading stories. ...Here we feel like one big family while back there it felt like we were scattered around...”

Before we left Sanita added: „Ive clawed my way out of that hole. I dont want to go back.
My kids are everything to me. I want them to be healthy and smart. I want them to study and avoid making mistakes I made.”

We can help this family have a brand new life!
They would be happy to get furniture (wardrobe, table, wall-unit or bookshelf), a TV, books, a possibility to attend entertainment and cultural events – the kids have never been at the zoo or at the aqua park.
The kids could use new clothes and shoes as well as vitamins.

Lets help!

Dace ,20
Armands, 17
Amanda, 13, dress size 164, shoe size 38/39
Gints ,11, dress size 146 - 152, shoe size 37/38
Dita, 10, dress size 146, shoe size 35/36
Sanija, 8, dress size 122-134, shoe size 31/33
Līga, 6, dress size 112 – 124, shoe size 27/28
Jana, 3, dress size 98-104, shoe size 25/26

You have a chance by calling
and donate 1 LVL

Huge thanks to the Angels of the Dombrovski family:

Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 10,- (31.03.11.)

March 2011.
Thanks to the ladies from the publishing house „Mans mazais” for the donated clothes.
Thanks to Jana for the TV. Thanks to Ilona and her frends for the stereo system.
The family went to see the show „Pippi Longstocking”. Our thanks to the Puppet theatre!
Many thanks to the reader of the magazine “Mans Mazais” for the clothes for the family
Thanks to Marika- for the writing-table (special thanks for delivering it to the family herself because for us delivery problem is always complicated to be solved)
Thanks to Maija- for the bed for the small girls
Thanks to the Swedish friends for the books.
Thanks to Elīna- for the bicycle for the small girls.
Thanks to Arkolat for the dishes which were so useful starting a new life.
The oldest daughter in the family took part in the Riga Nordea Marathon:, spending the day together with her mum in real sports mood:)

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