Saturday, March 12, 2011

Diāna Orlova


It is a windy, rainy, autumn day, but it feels like summer when visiting the Orlova girls. Diāna’s sincere smile and affectionate manner warmed everyone in the room; even the little dog, Ķim, is the girls’ best friend and doesn’t leave her for a minute.
Diāna is a six year old girl who lives together with her twin sister Laura, her mother Tatjana and their dog Ķim. This little girl has cerebral palsy. Tatjana tells us „The twins were born premature at six months. Both were very small. The Valmiera hospital doctors contacted their colleagues in Riga, and the girls were transferred to the Riga hospital. I was told the reason for the transfer was that one of the girls had problems with her eyes. But, the doctors in Riga told me that Didī (this is Tatjana’s nickname for Diāna) has cerebral palsy and asthma. She also had problems with her eyes and underwent a laser operation. The doctors told me that she would never walk or sit, she would need total care.”
But the doctor’s were wrong – not with their diagnosis, but with their assumptions. Diāna now sits, eats, with her mother’s help she gets to her feet to dance, and despite her obvious limitations Diāna proudly demonstrates how she can walk. We all applaud sincerely; happy for Diāna’s and her mother’s achievements, understanding how hard they have worked.
Both girls are learning to walk and to also recognise letters and numbers. An essential part of the day is also watching interesting television programs and cartoons; in this way Diāna also learns different languages. Didī speaks Latvian, Russian and also knows a little English.
Tatjana works night shifts because the days belong to her girls. She tells how very happy she is that both Laura and Diāna have the opportunity to attend a kindergarten. At this special kindergarten Diāna learns much that is essential for her life. She is very happy being there with her friends. Tatjana whispers that Diāna has told her that she loves a little boy in her class and we all smile hearing that.
Tatjana believes that Diāna will be able to walk independently. In July this year both girls attended a clinic in Truskaveca, after which Diāna improved substantially. Tatjana is looking for ways to raise funds so they can travel to Truskaveca again. But this time with both girls; Laura is also an invalid as her liver is not developing. Tatjana is the only carer the girls have. Their father left when they were one and a half years old. Tatjana says „We have been assigned a poor social status. We thank social services because without their help I could not support the girls, pay the rent and cover the costs for Laura’s kindergarten. I also have to buy medicine for Diāna.”
Little Diāna needs a dental consultation and a visit to Truskaveca. Tatjana can teach Diāna everything else, and looking at this little girl we are convinced that anything is possible. One only needs the will to do, to help and to live!
When leaving she says goodbye to us all. Her laugh is so infectious and sincere that we laugh with her.

Diāna needs 3327 EUR or 2329 LVL so she and her mother and sister can travel to Truskavecka and attend the rehabilitation therapy.

Let’s Help!

WE STILL NEED: 0,- LVL (no LVL 2329,- 22.03.2011*):
* Every evening we will update information about donors and their generosity.
* We will detail amounts spent in future photo stories.

Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 10,- (27.12.10.)
Ivars Siliņš - LVL 25,- (29.12.10.)
Anonymous - LVL 200,- (03.01.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 15,- (22.02.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 20,- (22.02.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 20,- (07.03.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 2028,- (22.03.11.)

July 2011
Diana together with her mother from 18th until 31st July were in rehabilitation clinic in Truscavec, Ukraine, having treatment course, which costed LVL 2201 (treatment costs 2187, payment fee 14, remaining 128).
Mother telling about the course:
Diana had the second treatment course in rehabilitation center in Truscovec. She was practicing with pleasure, saying: "Mummy, I know that if I practice hard, I will learn to walk faster!" On the third day the muscle tone had decreased and until the end of the week the muscles were relaxed significantly. Diana's appetite improved, she was calmer. After the second rehabilitation course there was an obvious improvement. But there is a need for at least two more courses for the girl to walk. We thank everybody who helps us.

We need 3300 eur (2319 lvl) for the next rehabilitation course in Truscovec.

We can help Diana to come closer to her dream - to walk!

We still need: 1657 LVL (on 17.11.2011, total costs 2319 lvl)
*we up-date the names and donations every evening
*we will definitely inform about precise usage of funds in a photo story, coming soon

Thanks to Diana's angels:

Anonymous - LVL 20,- (10.10.11.)
Aleksejs Šrando - LVL 5,- (13.10.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 20,- (13.10.11.)
Aigars Ventiņš - LVL 20,- (13.10.11.)
Jānis Vizbulis - LVL 10,- (13.10.11.)
Aleksandrs Ržavins - LVL 5,- (14.10.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 5,- (14.10.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 2,- (14.10.11.)
Jūlija Marjeviča - LVL 100,- (14.10.11.)
Valērija Mežecka - LVL 7,- (14.10.11.)
Aleksejs Vasiļjevs - LVL 10,- (14.10.11.)
Marina Andrejeva-Žukova - LVL 10,- (14.10.11.)
Kristīne Tautavičūte - LVL 25,- (14.10.11.)
Olga Jegorova - LVL 5,- (14.10.11.)
Karina Jodčika - LVL 5,- (14.10.11.)
Sergejs Kobcevs - LVL 5,- (14.10.11.)
Valentīns Fedotovs - LVL 15,- (14.10.11.)
Tatjana Medvedeva - LVL 5,- (14.10.11.)
Sergejs Jeremuta - LVL 100,- (14.10.11.)
Kaspars Kravčuks - LVL 20,- (14.10.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 7,- (14.10.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 5,- (14.10.11.)
Karina Zindra - LVL 30,- (14.10.11.)
Inna Stecka - LVL 10,- (14.10.11.)
Aleksandrs Medvedevs - LVL 5,- (15.10.11.)
Raita Volodkēviča - LVL 10,- (17.10.11.)
Aleksandrs Hlistuns - LVL 30,- (17.10.11.)
Jeļena Kovaļova - LVL 3,- (17.10.11.)
Anna Karpečenko - LVL 6,- (17.10.11.)
Antons Novokšonovs - LVL 10,- (18.10.11.)
Zita Linde - LVL 10,- (19.10.11.)
Nadežda Čuksina - 10,- (24.10.11.)
Ļubova Kucina - LVL 2,- (17.11.11.)
Ainārs Kucins - LVL 2,- (17.11.11.)

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