Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The youth club visits Zagarkalns

‘’ has established a youth club for those who have special needs and/or are from socially disadvantaged, impoverished families. cares for these 20 to 30 young people, educating them in cultural and social areas, and motivating their future education with the goal of integration into society.
One of the last weekends of 2010 was spent at Zagarkalns* learning how to ski and snowboard. This was the final youth club meeting for the year and an opportunity to assess their achievements, plan for the coming year and promise to improve on their results at school.
19 people attended this event – 16 youth and 3 ‘teachers’. Together we spent some unforgettable and challenging moments learning and mastering new skills.
Most chose to learn how to snowboard but only 3 boys persevered; everyone else decided they felt more comfortable on skis :)
Hotel „Cīrulīši” was kind enough to offer us a special rate for accommodation and meals. After dinner everyone was presented with a special „Palīdzē” youth club t-shirt. This shirt has become a symbol of our wish to make these youngsters lives brighter and more motivated. Everyone loved their t-shirts (almost everyone wore them to breakfast the next day!), a big thanks to ‘T-bode’ and Vilnis!
Those who still had the strength continued to ski after dinner. Late that evening the young people had a surprise for us (the and youth group organisers). They had made and found presents for us - we are truly grateful and happy for these gifts.
The second day of our visit saw us all on the slopes reinforcing our new skills.
We happily drove home proud of our new skills, and feeling healthy after such an active holiday.
Everyone has to work hard to climb small and large mountains, and we are happy that this weekend was a success!!!
Many thanks to:
• Žagarkalns for this experience: for the equipment, instructors, and the opportunity to ski and snowboard.
• Juris Žagars, Zane Lūkina (the administrator), and Miks and Jurijs who tirelessly worked providing us with equipment.
• Hotel „Cīrulīši”, and to Vineta, for our accommodation and meals – all at a special rate!
• "Rīgas Miesnieks", and especially Solvita Foršū, for the delicious sausages!
• All those who gave and lent their ski gear!!!
• Sandra Čekele from ‘Veselības Centrs 4’ for coordinating and helping organise this event!

• Maris Amolins for his donation of 50 LVL, and also to the Latvians in Brisbane and Inga Ceslis for donations collected for us at their Christmas events. Thanks to them we could provide meals, accommodation and transport costs.

* ‘Zagarkalns’ is a ski centre located near the city of Cesis.

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