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The Christmas joy

PHOTO DONATION: Santa Spilberga

Although this year when asking the children what kind of gifts they would like to get from the Christmas dwarfs the main answer was “Only the trip to the aqua park”, the Christmas dwarfs and their assistants wanted Christmas to come with a real feeling of holiday and took care also about the presents. This year in total 276 children and young men received the gifts. The sweets, chips and other gifts we sent also to the special schools in Raiskums and Rauda.

The dwarfs were hard working all the December so that everybody got a special present. The companies donated their products, the workers of many companies- the presents and sweets. This year many of you chose a definite child and family for which to prepare the presents. It was sweet and touching to see how the children are opening the gifts and the joy in their eyes was so genuine. So there was less work for the dwarfs themselves:)

Many thanks to the listeners of Eiropas Hitu Radio and specially to Svetlana Timofejeva about the many sorted and packed presents!

When the sorting and packing “madness” which lasted several days was over we visited the children!

On 23th of December the dwarfs with 2 full cars went to visit the children living in Iecava area. Anda and Eva were specially dressed up waiting for the dwarfs, Dāvis had written a poem which was dedicated specially to the dwarfs. All children were very happy and glad about the brought presents because in some homes these were the only presents children got this year under the Christmas tree. For the special boarding school “Zālīte” we brought not only the books, stickers, but even several pairs of skis and different games which children can play when there will be no snow anymore.

On 25th of December we went to Bauska area. Baiba was very glad for the pearls and holiday stuff, the family in Brunava embraced the dwarfs and treated them with home baked paper cakes.

On 25th of December also the children in Riga recited poems and sang songs. Marks even read his own written poem which touched the hearts of the dwarfs to the tears.

On 27th of December the children from Iecava area, Talsi, Vecsaule, Dāviņi, Stelpe and Krimulda together with their parents went to the aqua park “Līvu akvaparks”! But on 28th December the foster families from Latgale, children from Riga and Bauska together with their parents enjoyed a day in the aqua park. In total 240 children and young men with their parents visited the aqua park this year. We are very glad that not only children and young men enjoyed this event, but also in the eyes of their parents there was s a delight shining about the nicely spent day!

On 29th and 30th of December the dwarfs together with Youngsters group went to the hill Žagarkalns where they were skiing and snowing for 2 days, “closed” the old year and made plans for the new year.

After some days of rest the dwarfs already in the new year- on 3rd of January together with the photographer Santa Spilberga went to Latgale. Latgale awaited the dwarfs with big heaps of snow and very beautiful, romantically snow covered trees. In some houses there was no electricity for several days and the poems were recited and songs sung at the candle light:). We visited many families- foster family Martiņenko, foster family Anna, foster family Sarmīte, Andris, Katja, Iļja, Ilga and Arnis. In all homes there was a big joy about the visit of the dwarfs and many “thanks” were sent to all the donators and grantors. The biggest joy and delight was about the biggest titbit- Ādažu Čipsi.

The girls of course were glad about many stickers which were kindly granted by the printing- house Veiters, but the boys of course most enjoyed about the technical things- the cars, lego, puzzles. This year there were also special gifts for the mums, these gifts were kindly given by L’Oreal and Madara Eco cosmetic. Everybody was happy about the socks, hats and mittens knitted by the girls in Sweden.

You can see the joy and emotions of the children in the many photos…

The dwarfs are gratified that we managed to make these Christmas as a real holiday for so many children, but it would not be possible without your support!

Many thanks:
Eiropas Hitu Radio” and its listeners and personally Svetlana Timofejeva– for many gifts.
Maria and her hard working helpers in Sweden – for the warm socks, hats , scarves and other knitted things, also for the presents.
Vibeke family from Sweden for gifts for Annas Verzes foster family
Ādažu Čipsi” – for the most delicious and awaited gift.
L’Oreal” and personally Zane Brakovska– for the shampoos, creams and other nice stuff that will serve any girl and woman.
Madara Eco cosmetic” – for cosmetics.
Veiters” and Diāna Nesterova – for the stickers and colouring books.
Egmont Latvia” – for the books for children and young man of different age.
Linda Zālīte and Raitis Zālītis – for the electronic wax candles and sweets.
BMS” - for the batteries for the candles .
Greta”- for the candles, Christmas decorations and gift bags.
"Colgate"- for the toothpastes.
Nivea”- for the hygiene stuff.
Cubus Baltija” and personally Dace Gādiga– for the clothes and the possibility to raise the money donations.
Ilmas aptieka” and personally Sanita Krieva – for the vitamins, present for Artūrs

Most sincere thanks to the donators:
Jana Balode, Anastasija Terebkova, Pēteris Kļaviņš, Anda Amoliņa, Māris Amoliņš, Andris Ančevs, Ilva Utāne, Mitsubishi Club, Iveta Lause, Maija Baumane, Deniss and Erika, Sofija Ārmane, Daiga Baranovska, Ģirts Jankovskis, Santa and Elmārs Rancāni and to all those who donated the money anonymous, this money was used to pay for the transportation to the aqua park, sweets and gifts.

LNK” – for the possibility for so many children to visit the aqua park “Līvu Akvaparks”
Līvu Akvaparks” and personally Baiba Vasiļjeva for the special prices
Aqua photo” – for the photographs
Jurro buss” – for the transportation
Lelde Gangnuse and her friends– for the presents for the Iļja’s family
Signe Vītola – for the presents for Ilga and Arnis
Edīte – for the gifts for Diāna
Zane Saule – for the gifts for the girls of Briežu family
Diāna Drjukova – for the packs with the sweets and good wishes
Agnese Strautniece – for the gifts for the Kaunickaišu family
Inese Upe – for help to organize the transport and the foster families in Latgale
The workers of „Grindex” – for many and which is also important- sorted gifts
The workers of„KMPG” – for many presents and sweets
The pupils of„JRRMV” – for the gifts
The workers of „Office day” and personally Ieva Ostrovska – for the gifts
Berga bazārs” and Kristiāna Skabārde – for the gifts and the possibility to raise the money donations.
t/c Spice” – for the photo exhibition and the possibility to raise the money donations.
The workers of „Izdevniecība Žurnāls Santa” – for the gifts
The workers of „Lauku atbalsta centrs”– for the gifts
The workers of„Rīgas domes Pilsētas attīstības departaments” and personally Zita Ruņģe– for the gifts
The workers of „Telia Latvija” – for the gifts
The workers of „Capital” – for the gifts
The workers of „Nordic Riola” – for the gifts
Žagarkalns” and personally Juris Žagars and Zane Lūkina – about the possibility to spend 2 days enjoying the active relaxation
Hotel „Cīrulīši” and personally Vineta for the accommodation
Latvians in Brisbane and personally Inga Česlis for the donation which we used to cover the costs of the young men event.

Thanks to all those 210 good people who called to our charity phone!

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