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PHOTO DONATION: Valdis un Eriks Meinarts
We are friends with Anda and her family since last Christmas. We were preparing for the annual Christmas charity event when we received a letter from Iecava social services asking if we could help Anda Sama purchase medication she needs. Anda is only 7 and her diagnosis is - idiopathic juvenile arthritis, a bones joints disease that has progressed in her left heel. Anda’s family has a status of a low income family because her dad is the only breadwinner (his monthly salary is about Ls 170) while mom stays home and takes care of her little sister. Medicine was mom’s only request for she said they have everything else. Of course, when we went to visit them I understood that medicine was not the only thing missing. That time we brought clothes for Anda and her little sister Eva, books, toys, things for drawing. Girls were over the moon about every little thing brought by the Elf. And then there was the amazing adventure at the Aquapark! She so enjoyed splashing in the big pool and going down the crazy slides that even the pain in her leg was forgotten. At the end of last year Anda had to spend a month at the children’s hospital where she underwent examination following which a treatment and medication was prescribed. Anda had to take strong medication which supposedly made her dizzy and sick. A month had passed but the pain in her leg hadn't gone although Anda had taken her medication as prescribed. We set up a private meeting with one of Latvia’s leading specialists. Anda had to undergo different tests and endoscopy. In addition to arthritis it turned out she had parasites due to dogs and cats living at home so now she has to undergo a treatment for that and then the doctor will determine further treatment depending on the results of the new tests. Maybe thats the reason why Anda feels sick, doesn't have an appetite, is nervous and gets fits of anger. To convince Anda to come and see a doctor in Riga I promised her we would go to the kids recreation centre in “Spice” shopping mall. Thanks to Zita and Daiga I was able to keep my promise. At least for a couple of hours Anda could forget her troubles and let lose in the “Pirate’s ship” and go for a ride in the driving school. Thanks again to Zita and Daiga who helped Anda see the doctor and have fun at the recreation centre! Let’s continue to support Anda and you can join us!

At the moment Anda needs a chair bed for sleeping. Huge thanks to the Angels of Anda:
Zita, Daiga, Inga and Dace
Anda Amolina, who supported a little Anda at Christmas (donated 20 LVL on 15 December, 2010)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 18 January, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 16 February, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 50 LVL on 4 March, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 16 March, 2011) for clothes for Anda and Eva
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 15 April, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 18 May, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 16 June, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 18 July, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 16 August, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 19 September, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 17 October, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 16 November, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 15 December, 2011)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 17 January, 2012)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 17 February, 2012)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 16 March, 2012)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 16 April, 2012)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 18 May, 2012)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 19 June, 2012)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 17 July, 2012)
Svein-Arne Brokke (donated 40 LVL on 20 August, 2012)

On 21 July, 2010 we paid 21 LVL for a visit to a psychologist for Anda and her mum. Now Anda’s condition is stable. On 3 September, 2010 Anda was supplied everything to go to school and thanks to all of you who donated during the charity event Off to school, especially, to Inga, who provided her with schooling items. Starting from 30 October, 2010 we have been giving regular support to Anda and her sister Eva in donating some clothing, footwear, medication and food. The girls’ life is quite complicated. Unfortunately, their dad makes little effort to care about girls and mum bears living on her own. Right now mum with her girls are looking for a new home as their dad becomes aggressive under the influence of alcohol. A week ago Anda saw a play Mowgli by Latvia Puppet theatre given as a present, though, telling the truth, it ended in breaking her arm on the way home. This Friday both girls and her mum were at the Zoo which was a Dace’s gift. Thanks her for that! On 20 January, 2011 Anda and Eva were very glad to have Dwarfs’ presents. As they were expecting the Dwarfs, they dressed in their Sunday best and learned some rhymes too. At the end of the last year they and other children spent unforgettable day at Livu Aquapark. At the moment they are considering changing their place of living and moving. A big thanks to Svein-Arne Brokke from Sweden for supporting us.

April 2011

A visit to the psychologist for Anda's mum has been paid, 7 ,00 LVL.

September 2012
Anda at the moment lives together with her godmother. Her mum has a new relationship and she lives with Anda's sister in Rīga. Anda wishes to stay in Iecava because it is more quietly in the countryside than in Rīga. Anda this summer participated in the camp "Spēkarukši"( 

108,63 LVL were used for the purchase of the clothes for the autumn season, we also helped Anda to get prepared for the school.

Autumn, 2013
Anda has taken part in the summer camp for the young people club of Palīdzē "Tu vari, ja dari!” (You can do it if you do it!), also other young people social integration events during the summer and autumn. Thanks to the support of donators we have helped Anda to get prepared for the school and purchased autumn/ winter clothes and footware for the total amount of 382,50 LVL

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