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Daniels Zuks

PHOTO DONATION: Ilmārs Znotiņš

Daniel is six years old and, as his father proudly tells us, Daniel will turn seven on January 3rd. Daniel suffered severe trauma during birth and was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy. He also has spastic diplegia with sensory motor developmental delay as well as optic nerve atrophy.
We visited Daniel at the Ķemera rehabilitation centre together with photographer Ilmārs Znotiņš. A fundraiser, “Let’s help little Daniel walk”, was held in his home town of Līvāna raising funds for his temporary rehabilitation at Ķemera.
At two years of age Daniel was paralysed; bedridden and unable to move his arms or legs. Daniel has achieved so much thanks to his father’s will and perseverance.
Daniel moves by crawling but can walk when supported by his father. Daniel can pull himself to standing, hold out his hands, and crawl in and out of bed: it is obvious however that this is a challenge for him.
It seems that Daniel lives in his own little world; he does not talk but makes sounds. He sees and is aware of everything, and is able to communicate his likes and dislikes. Daniel loves music and can listen to it all day.
He cannot dress and take care of himself, and can only eat pureed foods like a 10 month old baby. His father cares for him all day, every day: a true act of selflessness. His father does admit that sometimes he feels trapped but he cannot bring himself to put Daniel in a social welfare centre. His son is his whole life.
When we visited Daniel was looking smart – wearing a white shirt and a tie. His father surprised us with a lovely cake and chocolates from the local cafe, and delicious coffee. He also presented us with a gift: we were overwhelmed.
To improve Daniel’s quality of life his doctors recommend rehabilitation programs twice a year. Unfortunately the Latvian government only sponsors rehabilitation programs once every 18 months. We see a folder with overflowing with medical records; it seems that Daniel and his father are in a hospital or rehabilitation centres more often than not.
Presently Daniel’s best chance at improvement is the clinic in Truskaveca. This place is like a ray of hope for so many Latvian families with sick children.
This autumn we began a partnership with ’Veselības Centrs 4’ (Health Centre number 4). We met the director, Māris Rēvalds, and discussed the possibility of effectively treating our children in Latvia. We talked about investigating and understanding the methods used in foreign rehabilitation centres, and educating our specialists accordingly. It would be easier to provide these services to our children here, and to keep money spent on rehabilitation in Latvia.
But, Daniel needs help now and he would be very happy to travel to Truskaveca in the spring.
He needs 2800 LVL – for rehabilitation, his father’s accommodation, transport and expenses: Their income is only 220 LVL a month.

He has to use these medicines regularly:

· Encephabol suspension 8.50 LVL
· Ferrum lex 4.00LVL
· Nurofen 3.60 LVL
· Paracetamol-ratiopharm 125 Suppositories 2.00 LVL
· Diazepeks suppositories to stop seizures 60 pcs. 14.00 LVL
· Fish oil (lemon flavour) Omega 5.00 LVL
· Multi total vitamin 15.00LVL
· Calcigran 7.00 LVL
· Disposable nappies –5-6 daily (size 15-25 kg), wet wipes.

Daniel is only interested in musical toys; these will also be willingly accepted!

Daniel’s father’s greatest wish is to see him walk!

Let’s help!

WE STILL NEED 1726,70 LVL (A total of 3000 LVL is needed for rehabilitation and medicines; 03.11.2011.*)
* Every evening we will update information about donors and their generosity.
* We will detail amounts spent in future photo stories.

Maija Kuksa - LVL 5,- (13.10.10.)
BT LINGVA IK - LVL 15,- (18.10.10.)
Dace Breice - LVL 10,- (22.10.10.)
Marija Rudakova - LVL 10,- (28.10.10.)
Nataļja Biuka - LVL 5,- (04.11.10.)
Anonymous - LVL 50,- (25.11.10.)
Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 5,- (29.11.10.)
Ivars Siliņš - LVL 25,- (30.11.10.)
Leontīna Fomina - LVL 10,- (03.12.10.)
Ilze Oiguse - LVL 10,- (10.12.10.)
Anonymous - LVL 30,- (10.12.10.)
Anonymous- LVL 20,- (13.12.10)

- LVL 200,- (03.01.11.)
- LVL 30,- (03.01.11.)
Marta Lagzdiņa - LVL 10,- (07.01.11.)
- LVL 20,- (17.01.11.)
Diana Popova - LVL 15,- (25.01.11)
Anonymous - LVL 20,- (28.01.11)
Anonymous - LVL 30,- (15.02.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 15,- (22.02.11.)

Anonymous - LVL 20,- (22.02.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 30,- (10.03.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 5,- (25.03.11.)
Indra Zajankovska - LVL 5,- (29.03.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 150,- (26.04.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 30,- (09.05.11.)
Elīna Garā - LVL 5,- (10.05.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 30,- (10.05.11.)
Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 10,- (01.06.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 30,- (15.06.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 100,- (16.06.11.)
Una Vilcāne - LVL 50,- (16.06.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 10,- (12.07.11)
Donations from - LVL 61,- (12.07.11.)
Anna Osvalde - LVL 5,- (19.07.11.)
Evija Rozevska Kolbase - LVL 5,- (05.08.11.)
Ivars Siliņš - LVL 50,- (26.08.11.)
Anna Osvalde - LVL 5,- (02.09.11.)
Anonymous - LVL 70,30 (06.10.11.)
Violeta Maslobojeva - LVL 7,- (02.11.11.)
Anna Iļjinska - LVL 10,- (03.11.11.)

Thanks to Zane and her family for the ‘Chicco Aktivo’ music centre!

September, 2011
Daniels together with his dad are spending 3 weeks in the rehabilitation center in Ķemeri. His dad thinks that at the moment this place and kind of rehabilitation is the best for Daniels. We have transferred the gathered money- 661 LVL to the rehabilitation center. Other money will be used for his further medical treatment or rehabilitation- based on the suggestions of the doctors and specialists.

November, 2011
The amount still needed- 0 LVL (from 3000 LVL needed for the rehabilitation and medicine, 03.11.2011). The remaining amount of money was gathered in portal
Daiva yoga studio supports small Daniel
On 29th of March, in the Easter Friday, during a charity class at Daiva yoga studio Ls 53,25 were gathered which will used for the rehabilitation for small Daniels. Huge thanks to the workers and visitors of Daiva yoga studio, specially to Ieva and Jolanta!

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