Monday, September 27, 2010

Raivis enjoys BMW Open Track Day in Latvia


On 11 September BMW Life Club Latvia has had its third BMW Open Track Day.

Indra Zemite who is the Club’s member approached our Charity Foundation and suggested that during the event could raise some money for a child to support his/her health improvement. We told Indra about a little Raivis whom we helped within the charity campaign 10 000 butterflies for LV children, but he still needed 875.00 LVL for FM radio aid system to improve the quality of speech processing.

So, on a Saturday morning we together with Raivis accompanied by 100 BMW cars drove to Vidzeme for a sightseeing tour. From Riga to Saulkrasti, further on to Limbazi till Valmiera. It was an escorted column of cars and the view was just superb.

Valmiera was the first destination as there was Raivis’ school. The president of the Club Raimonds Drivinieks, gave Raivis and his youngest brother Kristians a ride in his BMW E46 330i and made the boys very glad about that. Raivis was allowed to sit on the driver’s seat and he was really curious about all those buttons and switches. Raivis had some presents given by the official BMW dealer in Latvia - BM Auto, namely, a cap with the BMW’s logo, a magazine presenting the model and lots of sweets. Raivis was sitting proudly on the car’s roof and said that, when he grew up, he would buy the same model for himself and his mum, too.

After that we went to Cesis, where was a nice BMW photo session. Later the members of the Club drove to the Sports Complex 333, but as Raivis was under deep impression and felt tired, we went home. The boy was really overwhelmed, full of fresh and strong impression and also said, that he was happy, because this was the first time he could have viewed and touched so many cars brought altogether.

During the event 216, 50 LVL were raised.

We are grateful to each and every one who participated. Huge and heartfelt thanks to Indra Zemite, Raimonds Drivinieks and the other members of the Club.

He still needs some help of 0,00 LVL (out of 1120 LVL needed initially on 9/9 /10).

*We will update the names of the donors and the amount of the donation daily.
*We assure you that we will notify about the exact account of money spent in the next photo story.

Let’s help!

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and donate 1 LVL

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