Monday, July 12, 2010

We continue the "butterfly campaign" in our web page

PHOTO DONATION: Ēriks Meinarts

RAIVIS for whom we were gathering money during the “butterfly campaign” still needs 1026 LVL. You can help!

RAIVIS is 9 years-old boy, active and smart, unfortunately he has dysarthria and hearing impairment. But the boy is successfully attending the boarding-school for hearing-impaired children Valmiera. The cochlear implant, paid by the state, is ensuring him the communication, but in order to improve the language resolution quality would be needed a frequency modulation device. The cost of it- 1120 LVL.

You can help Raivis by donating the money in the account of the company with a special note- „Butterfly campaign- for Raivis”:

‘’ Association
Registered number 400081377568

Jauniela 21-1
Riga, LV-1050

Joint Stock Company ‘SEB banka’

Let us help!

Still needed help: 1026,- LVL (from 1120 LVL- 26.07.2010)
*We will update the names of the contributors and the given amounts every evening
*We will inform about the use of the donated money in a further photo story.

You can also donate 1 LVL by calling to the charity phone 90006888

Huge thanks to the angels of Raivis:

The closure event of the campaign
With a nice concert was closed the charity campaign”10 000 butterflies for LV children”, during which from June 14th until July 12th in the shopping centre „MOLS” by donating 1 LVL you could receive a butterfly which as a symbol of a good work decorated the ceiling of the shopping centre „MOLS”.

10 000 butterflies were needed in order to help Linda, Raivis, Valērija, Iļja and Rūta.

At the end of the campaign in the ceiling of the shopping centre „MOLS” have flown together 8969 butterflies. We still need 1026 butterflies. These butterflies or lats are needed for Raivis to learn to talk.

In the closure event of the campaign on July 11th the children and the guests will be delighted by Ginta Ēķe and group Amurr, singer Kārlis Kazāks and singer Mārtiņš Ruskis. The event developed very nicely, fulfilled with positive thoughts and songs.

At the end of the concert, after the stories about the children, the balloons presented by Rīgas Rēvija together with the butterflies flew up in the sky, bringing the dreams of the children high in the sky so that they return fulfilled.

At the end we enjoyed the cake from Mārtiņa Beķereja which was baked in the shape of the butterfly and the fruits granted by Augļu Serviss.

Many thanks to all responsive and good will people who helped to organize the campaign, concerts and took care of the volunteers.

Our kindest thanks to:
·Shopping centre Mols and personally Lelde Gangnuse
· Publishing house „Žurnāls Santa” (Magazine „Santa”) and personally Santa Anča, Ilze Olšteina, Inita Sila, Dace Rudzīte and Dace Upīte
· The creative group of the concert project „Butterfly Summers” ("Taureņu vasaras") and personally Anita Rezevska
· TV 24 and personally Kristīne Augstkalne
· Europas Hitu Radio and personally Poļina Nazarova and Svetlana Timofejeva
· Radio 101 and personally Māris Žigats
· Fēliks Ķiģelis
· Guna Miļusa
· Portal and personally Laima Lībere
· Magazine Ļubļu and personally Ņina Doždeva
· Latviešu radio (Latvian radio) and personally Kaspars Markševics
· Portal cā
· Mdizains and personally Māris Vēveris
· Krasta Lido and personally Linda Užule
· Rīgas Rēvija
· Mārtiņa Beķereja
· SIA Veiters
· Saldus Gotiņas
· 202
· Publishing house „Musica Baltica"
· Map antalis
· Printing company Ulma
· T Bode

Thanks to the artists: Ginta Ēķe and group Amurr, Kārlis Kazāks, Mārtiņš Ruske, Normunds Rutulis, Ance Krauze, Dace Gudrā, Kaspars Markševics , the actor Valdis Vanags, dancers from the folk dance group ‘Zelta sietiņš’ and singers from the VEF Cultural Club children’s vocal ensemble ‘MOMO’, the participants of the Green choir of Madona town and flute player Maija Fogele.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who tirelessly told the visitors of Mols about the campaign: Madara, Rubenis, Samija, Lelde, Anete, Marta and Artūrs, Marija, Kārlis, Madara, Paula, Monta, Evita, Dārta, Elīna and her friends, Natālija, Nadežda, Elija, Kristīne and the girls from Bauska, Ako, Marks, Dominiks, Linda, Ance, Maruta, Krišjānis, Zaiga, Renārs, Zelma.Most sincere thanks to you all! This campaign required many human and work resources, but the achieved result gives a double joy- about the accomplished and the main thing- that with our jointed strength we will help to improve the health quality for Linda, Raivis, Valērija, Iļja and Rūta

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