Monday, June 7, 2010

he Social Housing Residents at Purvciems


I had never thought that just next to ‘Domina,’ a shopping centre in the suburb ‘Purvciems’, are three social housing apartment blocks. People who are poor live here, those who have no other option but to survive on small social welfare payments. The majority of these people live in one room apartments with their whole family.

Ilze and Ineta, both residents of these social housing apartments, contacted us asking for our help because the chances of them surviving on their own are very slim.

Ineta has 4 children - Kitija (14), Jana (10), Laura (5) and little Ralf (1). They all live happily in a one room (studio) apartment that does not have a separate kitchen. Ineta raises her children on her own and survives on a welfare payment of approximately 135 LVL a month. She is not able to work because Ralf is still too small to leave with his sisters for the whole day.

The bigger girls don’t mind being photographed by our photographer Rolf, but little Laura refuses to participate unless she is with her sisters. The girls are very friendly and lovely. They are very willing to work, and to help their mother with the housework.

Zelma is a teacher who has volunteered to teach language to the girls. We believe that this offer of help is more useful than clothes or toys: both the older girls have already been to Zelma’s for private lessons.

The second family were not so approachable. Matiss, the eldest son, is 16 years old and studies and boards at a government funded Riga music high school – he wasn’t at home when we visited. Liene (6) and Bruno (2) hid in their mother Ilze’s skirts and were only coaxed to talk or smile when offered some sweets. This family also has difficulties because neither mother nor father has work. Only Matiss has found some employment during the summer, and willingly works to help his family.

This time you can help, not only with material items, but by giving them work - even a small opportunity to earn their family food and other essentials.

Ineta’s and Ilze’s families would be happy with clothes, food, medicines and nappies for Ralf. Jana really needs extra tuition in maths and the girls would be very happy with a computer.

If anyone has spare clothes and shoes in the following sizes the families would be very grateful:

Kitija (14) clothes size 164-170, shoe size – 39.
Jana (10) clothes size 134, shoe size – 33.
Laura (5) clothes size 116, shoe size – 28.
Ralf (1) clothes size 98, shoe size – 22.
Matīss (16) clothes size 180, shoe size 44.
Liene (6) clothes size 128, shoe size 34.
Bruno (2) clothes size 104, shoe size 2.
Thanks to you we have already helped so much; there have been many donations and the “Kraukla fonds” has given food products.

It will be especially difficult for these families in September when school starts – but we can help!

A big thank you to Zelma for the opportunity to learn English!

Thank you to the “Kraukla” fonds for the food products and sweets.

Please help Ineta’s family get a pram for Ralf. His stroller is broken and without that he can’t go for a daily walk. Thanks to Sanita and Mareks and their family for donating a stroller: they are readers of the magazine “Mans Mazais”.

Thanks also to Larisa for making Kitija’s dream of owning a bike come true!

This evening (05.10.09) Ineta’s washing machine was stolen from the shared laundry room. If you have a washing machine that you have not used in a while, and that is taking up space in the attic or garage – please donate it to Ineta’s family! A heartfelt thanks to Sanita and Mareks and their family for donating a washing machine.

Call 90006888 and donate 1 LVL

A huge thank you to Ineta’s familys’ angels:

Ilva Utāne - LVL 25,- (05.10.09.)
Maruta Šulca - LVL 30,- (09.10.09.)
Anonymous donation - LVL 10,- (12.10.09.)
Gerda Šmeļkova - LVL 10,- (15.10.09.) – Movie tickets for Kitija, Laura and Jana
Lolita Kronberga - EUR 50,- (LVL 35,20) (20.11.09.)

Thank you to all the MM ("Mans Mazais") readers who responded and personally delivered the following items:

Maija – a bunk bed
Sintija – clothes for Kitijai
Skaubīšu family – jams, apples and clothes
Santia, Mareks – stroller, nappies, clothes, washing machine
Kristīne – clothes, honey
Elizabete Kārkliņa her daughter-in-law – vegetables, clothes
Ieva – clothes and toys
Elīna – nappies and farm produce

Ineta says heartfelt thanks to:
Maija and Alvis for the bunk bed! For the nappies, clothes, Christmas present and delicious cake!

Līvijai Baumane for the magazines (Egmont Latvija publishing) and for the toys for the girls!

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