Monday, June 7, 2010

A girl’s day out!

PHOTO DONATION: Santa Spilberga

The 8th March* was approaching and it was time for a fun event for our girls. The main initiator and organiser was Ilze Cekule. Ilze runs the children’s playgroup “Cekulins”, and she offered these rooms for the girl’s day out. She is a very active participant in ‘’, and she solves our families’ food problems.

On arrival each girl received a beautiful yellow rose, and they then participated in creative workshops. They could decorate a handbag with glass beads, or paint glass. The results were varied and beautiful - real works of art! Thanks must go to the glass artist Madara.

We had also been waiting for a visit from Marija, a make-up artist, who gave lovely and useful suggestions. Kitija benefited from this experience the most because she had a complete make-over!

Then Liene told us about using natural cosmetics and taught the girls how to make cosmetics from 100% natural products. Inspired by the gentle aromas, the girls also made bath bombs. It was not at all complicated - you can also make these at home, it only takes a little patience and care!

The ‘Martina’ bakery had supplied a delicious ‘klingeris’ (sweet saffron bread with raisins and almonds), and tea and fruit which were enjoyed between activities.

At the end of the event the musicians Linda and Kalvis joined us. Their music created a moving atmosphere, and in the end everyone was singing along to all the popular hits!

Our photographer Santa Spilberga carefully documented the action and providing this wonderful photo report.

Before going home the girls received very useful gifts – shampoo, cosmetics, beautiful aromatic soaps and more!

The festivities proved a great success! The girls loved it and the smiles could not be wiped from their faces.

Thank you to our collaboration partners who supported us and helped to provide gifts for our girls: L’oreal, Avon, SIA "CITA LIETA” - Custo Soapworks, Mārtiņa bakery, Mana kosmētika (My Cosmetics), Cekuliņš!

In future the Girl’s Club will meet once a month! You also have the opportunity to support this type of event – by sharing in your skills and knowledge, or by showing your support financially. Let’s help!

*8th March is International Women’s Day!

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