Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Visiting the twins

PHOTODONATION: Santa Spilberga

The story of the twin girls, Ilze and Zane, has moved many of our donors.
The girls are growing and developing well, despite the unfortunate fact that their mother continues to lack interest in them. Zane has taken her first steps. Ilze is still only rolling but she is slowly progressing. It is hard to be patient as we are so eager to see them finally running, however some inherited conditions prevent this.
When we visit them at the orphanage we always ask the manager and the twin’s carers how we can help. They say they have been overwhelmed with donations of soft toys - enough for three orphanages:).
Ilze and Zane have mostly all that they need, but sanitary items are always necessary for instance, nappies, shampoo, soap, nail scissors, hair combs.

The orphanage would also appreciate:
- any musical or developmental toys
- a play pen
- shoes (sizes 19 to 31)
- an intravenous pump for infusing nutrients into the body. This equipment is very important as it helps the sick children survive. It is expensive, costing approximately 600 LVL.

We can help!

You have a chance to help
Call 9 000 68 88
and donate 1 LVL

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