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Angelika’s life changed dramatically when a baby sister joined her two grown sons. Ruta was born prematurely at 31 weeks. This is not unusual and babies can safely be born at this stage of pregnancy, unfortunately this was not the case for Ruta.
Postnataly Ruta had a cerebral haemorrhage. This dispersed after a week but left lasting damage. The doctor’s diagnosis was childhood cerebral palsy.
Her development is much delayed. At 9 months of age Ruta rolled over for the first time and her mother was overjoyed at this achievement. It had taken so much hard work for this to be achieved. At 19 months she has just learned to crawl.
All mothers follow their child’s development and celebrate these milestones – the first time they roll over, their first tooth, first steps and words. For children like Ruta these achievements are the results of hard work and tireless effort.
This family lives in Kegums. Twice a week Ruta and her mother travel to Riga for remedial exercise, physiotherapy, massage, and osteopathy; and twice a week they travel to Baldone for ride therapy. Each day passes in painstaking effort to help Ruta progress, and complete movements and tasks which other children learn and develop by themselves.
In addition to her restricted movement, Ruta is vision impaired. She should wear glasses but who can tell a young lady what to do? When Ruta is two years old Dr Treija, from one of the best sight centres in Latvia, will perform an operation to correct her sight.
Ruta now says a few words: ‘No’ (which is her favourite and is said with conviction), ‘nothing’, ‘mummy’. Ruta tries to eat by herself but has difficulty with a spoon often using her fingers. Her mother is happy that Ruta does not have problems with swallowing as do some children with the same diagnosis.
Ruta smiles a lot, understands everything and is an emotionally strong girl. She is happy being with her family.
“How many tears have not been shed, how many times have we asked the unanswerable - Why us? Why our child?” This is what Ruta’s mother says through her tears. But her determination is stronger than the illness.
Ruta has two older brothers – Rihards who is 18 years old and Eduards who is 10 years old. They are their mother’s biggest help and their sister’s favourite babysitters. During our visit Eduards pulled faces to make his sister smile for the photographer, Ilmars Znotins. Eduards actively involved Ruta in his pretend hockey training - all the while tenderly wiping her face.
Presently Angelika’s only hope for Ruta is a rehabilitation program offered at a Ukranian clinic in Truskaveca. This program is not offered or practiced in Latvia. Ruta and her mother are preparing for their trip to Truskaveca on the 27th January 2010, and hope to return again in September. Three sessions of the clinic’s program would provide a best possible outcome for Ruta.
Although there are no guarantees of the clinic’s quality or of the outcome of treatment, her mother feels that it is her only option and believes this with all her heart. She has contacted the rehabilitation clinic directly, and has spoken to the mothers of children who have been to the clinic in Truskaveca. We must understand that this is her only hope that her daughter will finally walk, run and talk like other children.
In this case Ruta’s family perhaps don’t meet our criteria as they aren’t impoverished. However our motto is to help all children affected by misfortune, because this can happen to anyone. Whether rich or poor, if your child is sick and you cannot afford treatment then we believe you must ask others for help.
Ruta’s mother gives heartfelt thanks to her family friends. They have begun fundraising, and they initially contacted our organisation. There is nothing harder than asking others for help, and worth their weight in gold „I believe that God has given people room in their heart to help others”.

On our national holiday, 4th of May, Rūta again goes to Ukraine. 1295 LVL are needed for the rehabilitation course from

We can help!

A letter from Rūta’s mum (19.04.10)
Rūta still has difficulties to crawl, she still is not able to rise to her feet. But she has become cleverer, understands everything, so in the family they must speak some Russian so that she does not understand the conversations about the sweets and nipples:) Rūta can repeat about 20 words. I hope very much that this time in Ukraine will be with a bigger success. They are going to the gymnastics and exercises on the horses 2 times a week.

Rehabilitation program in Truskaveca, Ukraine (13 days = 1850 EUR)
Daily allowance = 63 EUR. Total 2669 EUR = approximately 1870 LVL
Cost of three rehabilitation sessions 5610 LVL

Collected up to date 700 LVL
Ruta still needs 4910 LVL

Let’s help!

Ruta still needs 1832 LVL
We will update donor and donation details every evening.
We will publish an account of the funds used together with a photo story.

Call 90006888 and donate 1 LVL

Thanks to the angels of Rūta:
Anonymous contributor - LVL 44,- (21.12.09.)
Rūta Īzāka - LVL 15,- (21.12.09.)
Anonymous contributor - LVL 5,- (21.12.09.)
Ilze Zepa - LVL 20,- (21.12.09.)
Anonymous contributor - LVL 205,- (22.12.09.)
SIA MEGAZIN - LVL 800,- (23.12.09.)
Kaspars Seleckis - LVL 100,- (28.12.09.)
Money gathered in the Christmas party of the workers of SIA GSK - LVL 100,- (27.01.10.)
Eva Vēvere - LVL 30,- (12.02.10.) – for the small and lovely Rūta. Endurance and joy of living to the mum! Good luck!
Anonymous contributor - LVL 1749,- (30.04.10.)
Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 10,- (31.05.10.)

On 20th of January we transferred to Truskaveca 2664 EUR (1902,96 LVL + 14,- LVL (commission))

At the moment Rūta with her mum is in the way to the clinic in Truskaveca, Ukraine. Let us wait for the news how they are there.

01.02.10. The letter from Rūta’s mum:
Today is our 4th day in the clinic. Gymnastics and all other things are done against her will and with crying. But the doctors know what they are doing! With the bigger children it is possible to agree, but all two year old children are crying. I trust that all this is good for us. The doctor told me that in Rūta’s case it would be very good if we could come there 4 times a year, every 3 months. Because of that I today signed in for 21st of April because the queues are long. At the moment in total there are 130 children. The attitude here is wonderful! Our room is nice, we can eat as much as we want:) Rūta has many friends- Žeņa, Miša, Aņa, Ksjuša and other. :))) , she will learn the Russian! Almost everybody comes here with the help, money of the foundations, not their own money. I am very glad that I met you, "let’s help" !!! Many thanks to all contributors!!!

We are back home from Ukraine. We liked there very much. Rūta did gymnastics with the tears, but I believe that all that is for her good and that God will get her on her feet!!! Very clever doctors and wonderful attitude to every child! Now Rūta is crawling, she has become much more stabile, the tones in her legs and hands have decreased. She wants very much to speak in her own language. She is walking very nicely by keeping her at the hands. I hope that by her 2nd birthday which is on 5th of March she will show some new skills to her mum and dad. In May and December we will have to go to Ukraine again. The doctors are suggesting a course every 3 months, and then some good results can be expected. Huge THANKS to everybody who has helped us and gave the possibility to come closer to Rūta’s healing.

By seeing other children in Ukraine, I understood that my Rūta is the healthiest. And one more thing- please express your gratitude to God every day about your families and health because it REALLY is God’s mercy that children are born healthy!!!!

Let us continue to donate money so that Rūta can go to the clinic in May again!!!

We are in Truskaveca already for 5 days. This time Rūta understands when I tell her that the doctors will help her. She does not cry almost at all. Additionally to the gymnastics, massage, light therapy, vibromassage and the correction of the backbone Rūta now has also the mobilization of the joints. But she does not like it, she is crying there.

We are well here. The improvements- Rūta has a better sleep at daytime and at night she is sleeping without waking up. I hope very much to see any evident results so that there is something to write in the report for the doctor:)

The initiative of the parents is admirable! Rūta is flying today to Munich where she will have a visit at a children neuroorthopaedist who on a special computer will "read" the specific characters of both her foot to be able to make her individual microsensual soles. Many many thanks to AirBaltic for the tickets!

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