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Herberts and his brothers

PHOTODONATION:Andrejs Terentjevs

The story, in fact, will be about four boys- four smiling and friendly brothers. They are Atvars (16), Edijs (12), Herberts (9) and Daniels (4). At the moment all of them are living in Bauska and have moved there from Gailisi Municipality to share a rented flat. Their mum says that it was done to create opportunities for reaching the school and having more after school activities. The eldest boy still attends his previous school, but Edijs and Herberts will go to the school in Bauska.
During our visit we met three youngest brothers, who were sitting on a small sofa, eagerly awaiting for a photographer and the arriving guests.
Herberts is hard of hearing. At the age of four he was placed an implant, and only then started the development of his speaking skills. At present his language has improved so far that he is able to produce sentences. Of course, his pronunciation is not quite correct (he still misses the endings), but he tries his best.
Mum reveals that when her youngest boy was born she hoped that both boys would start speaking at the same time and they would be at the same stage of development, unfortunately, Herbert’s progress to develop his speaking skills turned out to be more challenging and more complicated.
To provide operation of the implant, it needs batteries, which is the dearest wish of their mum. When we were on our way to their home, batteries were taken as a gift, generously supplied by Medicinas Sabiedriba RAL, that is supporting two more hearing - impaired children – Raivis and Linda.
There are great forthcoming changes for Herberts because his parents having consulted by the doctors at the Center for hearing - impaired children of Latvia have decided that Herberts must attend an ordinary school in Bauska. Mum felt that during his studies at Valmiera Boarding school for hearing-impaired children his language development was delayed because he was taught sign language only, not trying to progress himself.
The youngest brother Daniels, who together with his brother Edijs is shyly looking inside the gift box, in a moment becomes a lively guy and a real imp. Since 1 year of age Daniels has had a diabetes type I and he is insulin -dependent. Every 2 hours he has to monitor blood glucose level and has to be given injections. In front of our eyes, he took a testing strip, pricked his finger and did a blood test. It really shocked me, as I have never seen the way blood glucose level was tested, moreover I have never seen it done by a child. I cannot imagine the look of his fingers as they have been pricked every two hours. Besides he has to squeeze the finger to place more blood on a testing strip…..
Mum doesn’t work as it is not possible to leave Daniels unattended. He doesn’t go to the kindergarten as there is no one who could look after a poor boy because of constant need for medical care and injections. His father is a former border guard and is unemployed. The family of six people exists entirely on a social benefit of 277 Ls a month. A rent of the flat and the cost of public utilities is 180 Ls a month. Let’s try to figure out how much they have left then!
My question was why all the children were at home – Edijs could have attended the school, but their mum answered that it was because of their moving and in the next year Edijs would go to the other school but he should change his workbooks. Isn’t that a nightmare to have such education here?
Edijs needs almost 30 Ls to continue his studies. Mum is waiting for a social benefit and only then could Edijs go to his new school. To help Edijs we went to a shop to buy the workbooks the next day.
While we were shopping a photographer Andrejs Terentjevs managed to capture some buys’ daily life moments.
We hope that boys’ father will find a job and provide a living for his family though the most urgent and essential need is the FM radio aid system for a cochlear implant that costs 1120 Ls.
To improve the quality of speech processing the key factor is a reduction in background noise level ratio over distance between a recipient and a speaker, that’s why Herberts needs to have a cochlear implant compatible with the FM system (he has already supplied the implant subsidised by the state). The total cost of the FM system is 1120 Ls, which, unfortunately, is not subsidised but his parents do not have such money.
Let’s help Herberts to hear and speak.

At the moment you can help the family with clothing and food:

Atvars (16) is 164 cm tall and he is a size 40 in shoes.
Edijs (12) is 146 cm tall and he is a size 36 in shoes (he has no winter boots at the moment).
Herberts (9) is 128 cm tall and he is a size 32 in shoes.
Daniels (4) is 116 cm tall and he is a size 28 in shoes.

It would be very nice if we could help to pay for meals at the school’s canteen: 0.90 Ls per day and 20 Ls a month.

Let us help them!

Huge thanks to the angels of Herbert and his brothers:
Unknown donator - LVL 24,- (29.01.10.)
Ilva Utāne - LVL 20,- (03.02.10.) - for meals at the school's canteen for Herberts
Unknown donator - LVL 26,- (08.02.10.)
Jūlija Stefanoviča - LVL 15,- (11.02.10.)
Family of Inga Bleiere and Raphael Vogrig & friends- EUR 1600 (20.07.10). The money was gathered by the friends in the wedding anniversary of Inga and Raphael.
The local social service was involved to help the family which is now left without dad. Mum is asked to look for a cheaper flat, so that all the money is not used for paying the rent, but for the food for children.
We have paid for Herberts’ lunch for 2 months, we also bought the food. Thanks to the medical society RAL Herberts can regularly get the batteries for his implant. The boys still need very much the computer!
Thanks to the family of Inga Bleiere and Raphael Vogrig and their friends Herberts has now got the frequency modulation device (FM system). The boy wants to start attending the school as soon as possible because now he will be able to hear and comprehend the stories of the teacher without the side noises. During the summer months Herberts’ everyday speech has improved and all the family is very glad that starting with the new school year Herberts will be able to learn of full value, together with his classmates. Most sincere thanks to Inga, her family and friends about this possibility- for Herberts to be able to hear and comprehend the most important things!

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