Thursday, January 7, 2010

Visit of the Christmas elves

PHOTODONATION: Santa Spilberga


It is well known that elves’ workshop is busy all December. Our hardworking elves, too worked day and night to bring joy to everyone.

They filled their Christmas bags with warm woolen socks and gifts made by the Swedish girls, coloring books and amazing candles, “Laima” candies and “Gutta” juices, clothing from “Reserved” and jewelry from “Julars”, as well as with books, vitamins, groceries and fruit.

First on December 16 the elves went to Bauska where they brought families their long desired gifts as well as greetings from customers of “Rimi” store in Bauska – the things and groceries they had donated.

The first destination elves and photographer Santa Spilberga went to in Riga was children’s home “Riga” where kids - with a little help from their teachers and nannies - had prepared a magical Christmas show.

Later elves visited families living in Riga and each kid was delighted to receive a gift and was eager to recite a poem or sing a song in return.

Kids were most excited about the candles that reflected in their eyes like a true Christmas miracle, and coloring books and stickers. There were plenty of those – enough to last them the whole year!

On December 23 and 24 elves and photographer Ēriks Meinarts headed to Iecava where they were greeted with lots of love and joy for the fifth year in a row.

Elves received gifts too – lovely presents, drawings and greeting cards – and were genuinely moved by that!

Elves were unable to visit some families, so they sent their “messengers” - reindeers – to visit Kaļva family children’s home, kids at Iļģuciems prison, as well as kids and young people in Talsi.

December 28 was a real holiday for many kids in Latgale. The journey took 6 long and exhausting hours, but that was forgotten after unforgettable time spent at “Līvu Akvaparks” Water Park. Kids’ eyes were shining bright as stars, they were babbling on and on, and we think they won’t forget this day for a long time. On their way home 70 kids and their parents received gifts and fruit, so they won’t go back with an empty stomach.

110 cheerful voices of “” kids filled the water park on December 29.

To make sure that kids who couldn’t go to the water park due to health issues are not forgotten elves continued their mission after the New Year’s celebrations by heading to Latgale on January 2 where they visited 4 lovely families in Preiļi, Malta and Daugavpils district.

The elves are tired but full of positive emotions and happiness for the work they’ve done!!

Overall 170 kids received gifts and 80 kids from children’s homes received fruit and candies.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make sure that elves had their bags full of gifts:

- all our donors,
- the Swedish girls and especially Maria for the warm socks and gifts for every child,
- “Reserved” for clothing,
- “Veiters” for coloring books and stickers,
- company SIA “Operatīvā druka” and Kaspars Virbulis personally for coloring books,
- “Julars” for jewelry,
- Linda for the amazing candles,
- company SIA “BMS” for batteries, candles,
- company SIA “Greta” for candles,
- “Laima” for candies,
- "Colgate" for zobupastām,
- big thank you goes out to Natālija and Antons for their selfless help preparing gifts,
- “Līvu Akvaparks” Water Park,
- company SIA “AIPS” for transportation,
- “Jurro buss” for transportation,
- Ilze Cekule for help at the water park,
- Aleksejs Smirnovs and Jevgenijs Kaprielovs for help while we visited families in Bauska and Latgale,
- Gatis for providing the van.

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