Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gifts from Swedish girls II

PHOTODONATION: Artūrs Romanovskis

We have already told you about the wonderful Swedish girls who knit socks, sweaters and toys and send them to Latvia, to our children. This time, Maria did an even greater job – she and her friends in Sweden collected a whole load of various useful items: clothes, footwear, bedclothes and various household items. But that was not all yet – she even came to Latvia to visit the children and deliver the gifts together with us. We went to Raivis and Kristians, little Linda and her brother Lauris, Santa and Alise, the Smilgas family and the children of the Zalite special school. Even though there was more than a month to go until Christmas, the joy in the children’s eyes said everything. Mum of Raivis and Kristians said that she felt like it was a proper and happy Christmas!

We value this help very much, and it is especially remarkable that Maria and her friends are helping the children of another country, children they have never met.

We received many packages with gifts for Christmas as well – warm socks for the winter (very pretty and very many! :)), as well as individually prepared gifts for each child, made with special care and love!

From all small and big hearts – thank you once again, Maria and friends!!!

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