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It took more than half a year to write a story about Diana due to her mother's moving from one place to another several times, lost of her cellular phone and alcohol adiction problems in the family.

Curently Diana, her mother and her father live close to Iecava, in Zalite.

The first time when we met her in the summer the girl seemed more cheerful and open than now when it is difficult to make the girl smile and look at the Chirstmas presents. Nevertheless, it happened when she saw the big, fuzzy rabbit. Excitment, joy and feeling of surprise were in her little face.

Diana will be 6 years old in February but the girl still needs pampers – diapers. The girl has regular incontinence of urine, and it has not been possible to treat it so far.

Already when borned she had many different problems. I get confused by all the medical terms while reading her case-record. The last time the girl was in the hospital was more than a year ago. Besides incontinence of urine there are no other complaints at the moment, however, much patience and hard work should be invested to have examinations and treatments again. Sometimes the mother lacks those both. The same as with other children in our care we will try to help and bring Diana to specialists. We will try to help to diagnose the current situation and possible treatment.

We would be very glad if Diana would be having “godparents” who could take care of her. The girl will need several examinations, often visits to doctor, medicine, procedures.

Due to the lack of human resources we're not able to be close by all the time. We're searching for volunteers who are not indifferent to the destiny of Diana and who can have at least a small care of her.

Let us help!

Diana needs:

diapers, size 5, every day (3 diapers per day)
clothing, 116 cm – 122 cm
shoes, size 29
Diana will be glad to receive dolls, different toys, children books as well.

You have a chance
to donate 1 LVL by calling

Huge thanks to the angels of Diāna:
Ilva Utāne - LVL 25,- (20.01.10.)
Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 8,- (27.01.10.)

With all our hearts we would like to thank Kristīne who responded to our appeal to help in the portal (link in the "work bast-basket". Kristīne contacted us by sending us an e-mail with an offer to help. As she said herself: „esilab in the Twitter was an as impulse not only to think how to get involved, but also to volunteer to do it in real life”.

It happened so that the letter from Kristīne came in the moment when we with the colleague were planning how organize our works and manage to take Diāna to the osteopath. We quickly arranged the things with Kristīne, agreed about the meeting time and place. Kristīne accompanied the girl to the specialist, afterwards took her to the attraction park and lunch in "Krasta Lido" and also to the bus terminal.

We also would like thank very much “Lido” who gave the opportunity to have a delicious meal in "Krasta Lido” for Diāna and her mum. Many thanks to Kristīne about her time!

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