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Vladimirs Visockis

In Latgale,the region of Rezekne, in small village called Malta, lives an ordinary young family-dad Aleksandrs,
mom Tatjana and their son Vladimirs. Vladimirs Visockijs. The boy is 13 years old, and that is a large achievement,
even though doctors don't give any hope for a long period already. But he continues to live,this little fighter,
fighting along with his loving parents for each day of his life, believing in best.
Vladimirs has rare and awful disease-Amyotrophy.It is genetically conditional tough, gradually progressing
atrophy of muscles, which manifests itself in early childhood- leg and body muscles are hit first,later all
muscle groups are involved in the process. In best case it leads to patients immobility. In later stages of disease
skeletal deformation develops, and after some months or years the disease leads to the death of patient. Till this
moment the disease was believed to be incurable and there weren't even preconditions for its treatment, so at least
in some way it would be possible to stop the progress of disease. Treatment and maintanance of such children is an
enormous job of their parents. But fortunately, if there is strong will and also patience, it is possible to reach
alot-it is possible to give a chance to live to a child.
Boys mother is not sure about corectness of diagnose, but the child is too weak and to do reasearch right now
is just simply impossible- childs weight doesn't even reach 15 kilos yet, and any additional relocations are
dangerous to his live. Right now the main attention is payed to increase weight of the boy- there is a battle about
each gram,increasing weight right now is only a dream. This disease helds differently, but on the background of it
occurs uncountable orthopaedical complications, however stress, disease itself and uncountable medical preparations
for cure leads to occure of additional diagnosis. This problem has also Vladimirs. Jaded pancres,because of
pancreatitis, damaged bronhi, weaked vocal-cords and disorder of diction,also found allergic reaction to products
that contains wheat, which makes more complicated the process of increasing weight.
I see him playing computer games. Despite his condition, Vladimirs is acting peacefully,like an adult- he's
serious, we can feel curiosity in him and amazing strength.
Boy likes to have conversations, although it is obvious that he finds it hard to speak,also he allows to make photos
of him. Tiny body in wheelchairs, disabilities of legs, left arm is the curved one-the boy can't straighten it,
other hand almost invisibly moves the mouse of computer-the boy is able to move only the right hand. It is hard
to imagine how this awful and cruel illness can change young persons body. It is even harder to understand
unimaginable courage and abnegation of whole family,to live with all of this, and this family, by the way, hasn't
fallen into despair, although many of us get depressed just by facing smallest trouble.
Tatjana is telling that her son would like to travel to Tibet, because there is positive energy around.Boys
mom,however, dreams about much closer and more necessary routs. For example, she noticed, that ippo-therapy
positively influences the condition of Vladimirs. Only a half-year ago there was just a moment Vladimirs could make
contact with horse,but currently it is possible to remain on the horse for 5 minutes!But getting to the closest
mews, which is located in Beksi,10 km from Malta,makes huge difficulties for family. Family doesn't own a car,
although it is necessary for family to have not only car,but also trailer, because Vladimirs isn't able to sit for
a long time,trailer would allow for family not only to go to ippo-therapy,but also to travel. Family spent previous
winter at home, but how nice it would be to show to their son all the beautiful places and even to find and get
know people who could help this family to cope with misfortune. If they would only have that chance!If someone
from us,we all, could give it to them!
Financial condition makes them to refuse from many things,just to have money for classes with horses. Father
has astma- he has disabilities in 3-rd. level. He used to work in wooding enterprise,but,because of astma he was
forced to leave the job, and disabilities allowance is the only his inclusion in family budget. He is very unhappy
because of it and tries to work as casual employement,by using every chance,that allows his unstable condition of
health. Tatjana used to work as hairdresser, but she was forced to leave her job, so she can take care of her
husband and son. Only rarely she finds chances to earn money,so allowance of Vladimirs is the only income she can
hope about,thinking about how to pay for everything,that family needs that much.
House,that they had moved to 6 years ago,is definitely not in its best condition. Having a conversation for
only a few minutes, we already can understand,that they need almost everything, beginning with help in house
improvement,water pipe installation,installation of normal bathroom,home surroundings arrangement. It would be
useful to get elementary support from people who have similar situation, so,in process of exchange of information
it would be possible to help each other.Family tries how can,by building house on their own, by their own hands,
however there are not enough resources,strength and time. They don't bother that there is no bathroom at their
house and also no water,however,they were able to finish building of bath house themselve,so now they can bath
their son in there-in past they were forced to manage do everything with wet wipes.
By having a conversation with this lovely couple, I can't even imagine, that they need to face this unfortune
and overcome unimaginable difficulties every day. We are trying to clarify what would be the most important,
that could even a little bit make life easyer,but Tatjana thinks,that the most impotant would be to give her son
a chance to visit ippo-therapy lessons,all the rest is bearable for now.
Immediately she remembers that close to them there is one mother with severely ill girl,whose situation is
definitely more complicated than their, there is also one large family,that she knows very well,and that this
family lives in total poverty. We can only wonder about this kind heart,which hasn't becomed hard,but it feels
even more for others unfortune.
Tatjana tells that she has heard about effective treatment with barrel cells,and that there is such a chance
also in Latvia. Sh hopes to use this chance in future. But currently weight of Vladimirs and low income of
family force them to dream about simple things. For example, Vladimirs needs Dormeo type pillow. Because of the
skeletal deformation it is impossible for Vladimirs to sleep on usual mttress,so,therefor,his mom arrange the
pile across spesifically. It would help to solve the problem more effectively. Vladimirs also needs orthopaedic
shoes-he doesn't have any for winter season. It would be useful for boy to have easel-type albums,so he could
write or draw by developing his right hand this way. Like all kids,also Vladimirs likes candy,but because his
allergic reaction to wheat, he can't eat that many cookies and buns as others afford. His choice is little. Mom
buys for him special cookies from company''Schär'',which specializes in production,that doesn't contain wheat.
Vladimirs likes these cookies alot,but each pack costs about 2 lats,so mom only rarely affords to pamper her son.
Also boy likes yogurts and juice,his favourit juices are multifruit and cherry with apple. Feed removal process
often is time-consuming and complicated,so Tatjana is always happy if she can give to her son,what he eats with
pleasure,because increase of his weight is very slow,but every complication and stress leads to worsening of
health condition.
Our farewell is confusing-confusing from that genuine and affectionate attitude,in spite of this misfortune of
family. I am sure that Tatjana and Aleksandrs wouldn't want reader to squeeze a tear. We don't want it either. We
hope that this story will help you to become kind-hearted and strong person,who is able to stand for weaker ones.
We are asking you to help this wonderful family. It would be useful for this family to get financial help,also
voluntary help in improving their house,also any information about spinal disease,that could help famil.

It is also necessary for family to have:
-Dormeo pillow and mattress
-Winter season orthopaedic shoes
-Cookies produced by company ''Schär''(don't contain wheat)
-Yogurts and juices
-Treatment you can see in photo


Resources to pay for road to and from therappy with horses.

Let's help!

You have a chance to donate 1 Ls by calling to:

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Aigars Rozentals-LVL 50,-(07.09.09.)
Toms Rozenbaums-LVL 25-(09.09.09)
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Unknown donator - EUR 30,- (LVL 21,11) (03.12.09.)
Jānis Taukačs - LVL 200,- (09.12.09.)
Artūrs Kubarevs - LVL 10,- (02.02.10.)

November, 2010.
Unfortunately it was too difficult for Vladimirs to be in this world and he passed away on 12th of November. Many thanks to everybody who donated for him in this way making his life easier.

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