Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The week of the good works has finished

The campaign „The week of the good works”, organized by „palīdzēsim.lv” and the mobile connection card „Amigo”, ended by a tidying joint work in the children orphan care center „Rīga”.

What was this „week of the good works”?
From 19th-25th October in Latvia was organized the week of the good works. The aim of it- to develop the helping culture in Latvia, to encourage the society for the good works, to show how easy, pleasant and exciting the helping can be and how important it is in some difficult moments of life. During this week a special attention was paid to the help which can be given without any big financial investments.

During the week of the good works in portal „Draugiem.lv” was operating „the good work counter” or a list of the performed good works. During the week there were written 4132 good works which were done by the adults and children here in Latvia. We also received many letters in which you informed us about your good works and also asked for the help.

Some people may say - I am doing the good works every day, why should I tell others, brag about them? Exactly therefore- in order to inspirit and encourage somebody else for the good works, to show that is neither hard nor complicated to accomplish a good work.

We have a genuine pleasure that with our idea about the good works we have managed to fascinate so many people and companies. Many companies have already sent us the continuation of their good works- ideas, suggestions and the list of the jobs to be done.

But now about the joint work itself

We were very lucky about the weather conditions- the day was lovely warm, without any wind, rain and snow. Armed with the rakes, cleaning means and dust clothes, about 40 small and big helpers were ready for the work.

The children orphan care center „Riga” has two buildings, so we were split in three groups: the rakers of leaves, people who will do the works inside and the small drawers. The work was enough for everybody and the helpers started the work with a big joy and enthusiasm. Everybody felt the joy of helping, especially because that this time the helpers were those who had received the help themselves before.

Also the small helpers were very active both - outside raking the leaves and also drawing nice drawings under the guidance of Laura Kovaļevska, the teacher of J. Rozentāla Riga art secondary school. We will grant these drawings to our supporters and friends as our gratitude for taking part and supporting us during the week of the good works.

By working very diligently, we have done a lot. I have to say that unfortunately we did not do all the works, because we simply did not manage it due to the limited number of helpers and time, but we have left the undone work for the spring when we will again join in one big joint work in the children orphan care center „Rīga”.

In the list of the jobs to be done we have left the idea of Santa Meikulāne, the creative director of the design salon „LOLOT”, about putting new light objects in the rooms to make them lighter and more cosy and decking of the carpets, granted by salon „Objekts” - so that the small feet are warm and the atmosphere becomes nicer and snug.

After the well done work the newly-baked patties and big pretzel from „Mārtiņa Beķereja”, tasty „Danon” yoghurts, always awaited sweets of „Laima” and a nice performance of Linda Ulāne and Kalvis Kazimiraitis are waiting for us.

This undertaking ended as a festivity of nice, positive emotions and the feeling of well done work. All the helpers left with a feeling of gratification that this time they have been those who have helped and with the wish to take part again! This is how our joint work was.

The week of the good works has ended, but it does not mean that the good works has finished. We are kindly asking everybody to do the good works also further, every week, day, hour and minute. To do a good work - it is so simple and most important - it is pleasant!

As always we would like to thank very, very much our friends, cooperation partners and supporters:

Our biggest thanks go to „Amigo”, the authors of the project idea and supporters, and personally to Elīna Timermane. Without their help this week, full of nice emotions, just could not take place!

Many thanks to our informative supporters: portal „Draugiem.lv”, the Radio of Latvia, the Television of Latvia!

Thanks to:
Children orphan care center „Rīga”
Interior salon „Lolot” and personally Santa Meikulāne
Salon „Objekts”
J. Rozentāla Riga art secondary school and personally Laura Kovaļevska
Linda Ulāne and Kalvis Kazimiraitis
„Mārtiņa Beķereja”
SIA „Rembox”,
SIA „Tex-Color”
SIA „LTC Baltija”
AS „Laima”
SIA „Danone”

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