Sunday, November 1, 2009

Share ''School-bag'' has ended

PHOTODONATION: Santa Spilberga

With feeling,that we have done really huge job,we can say,that share''School-bag'' has finished. Resource drawing ended already on August 31-st, however,while we distributed all the stuff,rided around half-Latvia, it has been already a month.

But now about everything in row:

On August 31-st a share of all Latvia "School-bag" finished, in which results about donated summs were announced.
"" was 4-th in a row within 24 regional charity network organizations,by looking after done work and drawed resources.

In addition to resources we have drawned, which were:

-Donations into established account:20 LVL
-Donations of cash:65 LVL
-Donation boxes in Iecava and Bauska:307,73 LVL
-Donated resources in celebration of city of Bauska: 40 LVL
-Phone of donations:37 LVL (July)
52 LVL (August)

Together:621,73 LVL,

we received 2114,91 LVL from drawed resources of "" and also + 42 "Rimi" school-bag, 153 "Volvo" pencil boxes, 320 "Rama" sandwich boxes and 10 boxes with notebooks.
In addition to money donations, you were very active school stuff donators. A lot of clothes, school stuff and shoes were brought to Multi-functional centre of rehabilitation "Вbele".
We are thankful to all the enterprises: AS "Reмionвlв investоciju banka", SIA "ZETCOM" (Amigo), SIA "Nordecon", "ELKO grupa", "L'Oreal Latvia" and employees of agency of investments and development of Latvia(LIAA),who donated different school accessories,books,clothing and shoes.
Thanks also to all the good people, who called to donate.
We are very proud of everything done, and that is only thanks to your involvement in this common project.
Seven first form pupils from Iecava, Bauska and Riga participated in ending of share in "Forum cinemas".
Little first form pupils watched two latvian cartoons: "Brвlis un Mвsa" and "Neparastie rоdzinieki". After seeing cartoons, kids could get forse by eating dainties,then kids gained new school-bags,''Rama'' dinner boxes and "Volvo" pencil boxes.
As there are many pupils in our care, we decided not to buy only gift cards about 35 LVL,which would mean, that we can help only 78 kids. We bought stationery goods from our supporters "Officeday Latvia",and,although distinguishing and dividing stuff work was huge, we delivered school things to 348 kids!
We were in Lauciene,located in region of Talsi,also in region of Iecava, also in Bauska,also we visited many families here in Riga,we sent ''school-bags'' to children of Krimulda, children in region of Cesis,children of Saulkrasti,also we spent unforgetable day in Latgale while visiting many nice families there.
Little pupils gained not only school-stuff they waited for,but also tasty sweets from "Laima",yoghourts from
"Danone","Colgate" tooth-pastes,"Astra Pro" hygiene things,"Baltijas Marketinga Serviss" colourful pens
and pencils.
Families in Bauska and Iecava also received gift cards about 10 LVL, so they could buy books and also missing stationary goods in local stores.
About how we did by giving school-bags, you can see in photo-story,made by our photographer Santa Spilberga.
Once again,big thanks to all,who helped to fill up 348 bags of pupils.
We wish full of adventures and new knowledge this new study year to all!

Big, big thanks to:

- SIA "Officeday Latvia"
- AS "Laima"
- SIA "Danone"
- SIA "Colgate"
- SIA "Asta Pro"
- A chemist's of Iecava employees and chief Sofija Ārmane personally
- A store "Centrs" in Iecava employees and chief Ina Magone personally
- "Bauskas aptieka"
- Shop "Argo" in Bauska
- SIA "ZETCOM" (Amigo) and Elina Timermane personally
-AS "Reģionālā investīciju banka" employees
- SIA "Nordecon" employees
-"ELKO grupa" employees
-"L'Oreal Latvia" employees
-Agency of investments and development of Latvia (LIAA) employees
-Council of region of Bauska
-Social service of region of Iecava employees Arta Manuša and Ļuda Belruse
-"Ābele", the multifunctional rehabilitation centre of Bauska- employees and Ineta Niedra personally
- The employees of Saulkrasti social service and Anita Bogdanova personally
- Region of Saulkrasti council family support centre "Saules puķe" chief Ingūna Feldmane
- Editorial board of "Bauskas dzīve" and Inga Muižniece personally
-"Iecavas ziņas" and "" editorial board and Beate Logina personally
-Editorial board of ''''
-Editorial board of '''' and Līva Tauriņa personally
-Rūta Pakalne-for help in collecting donations in celebration of Bauska
-Santa Spilberga-for never-ending energy and wish to help,by making photos of so many childrens joy, while receiving "school-bags".

Thank you!!!

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