Sunday, November 1, 2009

Little Armands in Vaivari


Thanks to you – the kindest donors, in the beginning of summer little Armands could spend 14 days at the National Rehabilitation Centre “Vaivari”. We asked for a day visit as well to see how he is doing, living in that multi-storey house, where so many miraculous things happen.
Together with a photographer Olegs Zernovs we participated in an exercise therapy class, where Agrita, a physiotherapist, heartily tried to bend and stretch his little weakly legs. In the beginning little Armands wasn’t quite willing to follow physiotherapist’s invitation to do therapeutical movements and obviously visitors disturbed him too, but after having understood that everyone wished good for him, a smile brightened little Armands’s face and then he tried his best and hardest. We both with a photographer Olegs Zernovs decided that little Armands has progressed since our last visit in winter.
Armands’s mum told us about the numerous treatments which he had undergone during daytime. His favourite is horse riding – ride therapy. After the exercise therapy class we followed Armands to his unit, where his dinner was already awaiting for him. No time for meal, though, as talks with the visitors and reading the latest newspapers were going on.
Mum said that those 2 weeks at the National Rehabilitation Centre “Vaivari” really helped but the results would be seen in several months.
Little Armands spent summer at his home in Lauciene and mum told that Armands has become a nimbly boy and he is able to kneel as his legs have strengthened.

Still there are things he needs very much:

- Recaro specially designed seat
- Hip splints
- Knee splints

P.S. At the moment the cost of all items mentioned is being clarified, but you can donate now as the sum definitely won’t be a small one…….

You have a chance to help
Call 9 000 68 88
and donate 1 LVL

Maija Muskare - LVL 5,- (19.10.09)
Anonymous contributor - LVL 100,- (20.11.09.)
Kristine Zavele - LVL - 10,- (16.12.09.)
Ināra Voroņecka - LVL 20,- (17.12.09.)
Anonymous contributor - LVL 60,- (13.01.10.)
Dace Breice - LVL 10,- (10.02.10.)

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